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Is there any benefit switching from Day Light Savings time to Standard time on the weekend?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) November 7th, 2010

To have that extra hour going from Day Light Saving time back to Standard time somewhat of a waste when you will be sleeping in anyhow? Not like you would have gained an extra hour of sleep on a workday unless you worked Sundays. Do you even notice that extra hour other than any clock you forgot to set before you went to bed? Plus you can’t carry it into Monday like you can a date holiday that lands on Sunday so you can still have the 3-day weekend. With the end of Day Light Savings time on a Sunday are you just screwed?

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I guess it makes it less likely that people will turn up for work at the wrong time the following day.

I tend not to gain an hour of sleep because I don’t like to lie in. I get my extra hour first thing in the morning.

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It gives you time to make the adjustment without any consequences.

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If you work the god-awful third shift, it’s another hour of pay, at least.

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