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Are avacados good for you?

Asked by hurleygrlblink (185points) April 3rd, 2008

I have recently fallen in love with avacados, and I was just wondering they are fatty, fruit, vegetables, good for you or what, because I eat them all the time now, under the impression that they are good for me. Any avacado experts out there!

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As my grandfather (an avocado-addict) says: “Well sure, they’re fatty, but it’s the good kind of fat!”

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Everything not done in moderation is bad for you.

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they are the “good” fat, and they are yummy!! Go to for a ton of information!!

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they are good fat, but they are still fat, and not really good for you. They are a fruit.

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awe man they’re fatty? crap, I thought I finally found a fruit that I enjoyed that would be good for me haha! Oh well, thanks you guys!

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usually if something tastes bad or unsatisfying its good for you, LOL

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Simply, yes!!!

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avocados are amazing. they have fatty oils that are essential for your skin, nails, and hair. avocados also help the body break down bad fat by supplementing it with its good fat. but like everything, eat in moderation.

i always make sure to get extra avocado with my burrito. try it for yourself.

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actually i read recently in a magazine that the type of oil that avocados have is actually GOOD for losing weight….maybe it helps you metabolize or something? i think it was in prevention magazine. look it up!

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cut an avacado in half and fill the empty pit with cottage cheese… VERY good for you as a snack

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yummy, thanks everyone!

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not sure how healthy they are but, if you haven’t tried it, make an avocado shake!
put an avocado (peeled/seeded of course) in a blender w. milk and sugar to taste…
it’s awesome!

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avocado ice cream kick ass as well. if you havent checked it out, definately worth it.

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Avocado’s are indeed one of the foods of the gods. But don’t eat to excess, because they are in fact high in calories. Another tip: don’t heat them, or add them into a heated dish at the very end because they’ll turn bitter on you.

My favorite is a simple avocado sandwich, some sort of brown bread, sliced avocado’s, a little lite mayo or none at all, a little salt, and nothing more.

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Yes, they are good for you. They contain monounsaturated fat which is very good for you. And may be good for weight loss, particularly the abdominal region. As someone else said, it is is still a fat, so you obviously want some moderation.

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Eat some ripe avocado with a spoon, slowly. Then notice how you feel. Compare that to how you feel when you eat something from Jack in the Box or McDonalds.

Notice one is the experience of eating food. The other is not.

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i’m feeling this recession pretty hard, and the market down the street sells perfect avacados three-for-a dollar. therefore i eat about two avacados a day and consider them to be the foundation of my diet. i am likely to add, once or twice a day, a giant serving of one of the following: noodles, rice and beans, potatoes with garlic and onions. with an occasional egg thrown in. maybe an occasional bottle of charles shaw cab as well.
is this a healthy diet? it’s made me really skinny but i have low energy. any suggestions for improvement?

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dannyboy: perhaps you should stop paying for internet and start buying better foods. You say your current diet made you really skinny; you likely look like a jew from the holocaust. Put some meat on your bones.
Your lack of protein is going to end you. An occasional egg wont do the trick- you’ll need at least one protein item a day; this is in ADDITION to your main dish of noodle or rice or potato. Use egg(not always with yolk, blegh!) and tofu are the cheapest. You can buy mixed nuts (go for raw, unsalted.) in bulk for cheap, they’ll provide you with energy but are high in fat so eat in moderation. Processed meats are cheap but will do more harm than good- stay the fuck away.
PS You’re probably lacking energy because you’re depriving your body of(in addition to a number of things) electrolytes- Bravo, dannyboy. Look up how to add these into your diet with fruits and vegetables before they shut off your power.

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