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Anyone else having trouble moving on from an ex, still in love though years have passed?

Asked by interpol (17points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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Not years, but yes.

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Yes! I’m pretty sure that I let the “right one” go. Its haunts me almost every day, but what can ya do? They say time will heal all, but I’ve been waiting for my healing for nearly three years now.

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Yes. Would not wish this on my worst enemy. He’s moved on, but I’m having a hard time. How lame of me :-(

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@ Curious404— Dont feel lame. There are obviously others out there in the same boat. Look at my response. Its hard to let strong feelings go.

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hardest thing to deal with man. its one of those things you just have to do. move on. if it was meant to be, you’ll be back together. but that doesn’t mean be single for the next 20 years just in case. go out and date. who knows…. maybe you’ll find someone better.

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yess! ugh i hate it, it’s like i compare everyone to him therefor i don’t date.

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I have been stewing about her for 35 years. Yeah Randy, I do think of her (nearly) every day!

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my first love was 5 years ago… Now, we’re single at the same in years and the flame is starting to rekindle. I hope you can get there someday because its a great feeling my friend

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lovelyy: i know its hard not to compare but there are some really nice guys out there. they are just more than likely to shy to talk to you. go out and talk to the shy ones. they will more than likely love you the most. just remember, assholes like to talk. and its usually shit that comes out. keep your head high and go mingle!

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@syntak; i don’t think anyone could have put it better. i might just try the shy guy sitting in the corner.

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I tend to compare new girls to her as well. Its so hard not to. I’m a shy guy, but the problem with meeting us I think is because we’re shy. I get nervous around new people. Just show the shy ones some signs of interest. I know that always helps me.

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