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What are some good ways to gain weight and fast?

Asked by youknowconnor (256points) April 3rd, 2008

I need to bulk up for lacrosse. Suggestions?

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Suits of armor help. :)

(how fast are we talking?)

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Go to Coldstone and eat as much icecream as you can for days and days.

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A tablespoon and a giant can of Crisco! Repeat as needed!

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i gained a lot of weight when i ate an avocado a day. do you really need to get fat for lacrosse though i dont get it…. lift more weights for more muscle?????

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I was actually wondering this same question. I’m rather skinny and have been lost a like 15 pounds in the last couple of months for no reason. Sometimes i think its kind of unhealthy with my ribcage showing and all. Despite how much i eat i put on no weight. Any way to put on some weight so i don’t look like an anorexic kid anymore?

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Eat fast food!!!

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Eat, lift weights, and drink protein shakes.

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Same thing as uberbatman. I’m thirty and weigh about what I did when I was 14. Nothing has helped with putting on weight.

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Yea see thats the other thing if im going to be putting on weight id rather not do it in a unhealthy way that will kill me. Plus i can eat fast food everyday and still for some reason my metabolism is like super powered and burns it all off.

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You need to realize. Take everything that you’ve eaten for a day, sit it in front of you… and think about the fact that your body has ONLY THAT to make cells out of.

If you eat terribly, there’s a reason that your metabolism won’t let you gain weight. There’s nothing to gain it with, really.

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I have a similar problem, I’m 15, 6’2” and 135 lbs. I’d like to bulk up to a nice 145 – 150ish
I eat all the time, and healthy things too. I just don’t gain weight or muscle.

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Maybe you guys have worms!

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I’m 15, weigh 112 and am 5’8. So far I’ve tried every suggestion. I’ve eaten til’ my body forced me to throw up too so it’s not like I’m not trying to eat a ton. And the food I do eat is almost always high calory. Oreos are an example. Did you know there are 50 calories in ONE Oreo?

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ever watch supersize me?

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Yeah I did…. He almost died by the end though. I’m not sure I wanna try the mcdonalds all the time thing yet.

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I haven’t tried eating until I puked, or working out even. I’m not a very physical person, I’m more of a runner than a weight lifting kinda guy. Most of my free time is spent on the computer so I guess I can just be glad I’m skinny and not fat. It does let me get into those straight leg jeans that I love oh so much :p

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Follow me around for week and you might pick up a few pointers!

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Start eating like a cheap Viking at a all you can eat buffet. Seriously, the best way is to eat foods that are both high in carbohydrates and high in fat. example: something with a high sugar or flour content and contains fat from oil or dairy. Milkshakes, Pie, any fried foods that have a batter coating,lots of pasta, hero sandwiches on large rolls with mayo and so on. If you dont gain lbs. with that diet, you have either a thyroid problem or you are truly blessed.

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@bulbatron9 shame thats not really a human stomach ^_^ i dont know about you but i dont have ribs in my stomach. Also that whole “Fact” well isnt. We dont have all these strict food guidelines for nothing you know.

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High Carb + High Fat foods, then lots of protein after you work out

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I cant seem to get any bigger either. Not thats its bad im skinny, i just cant seem to gain weight, no matter how much ive eaten. And believe me with what i have eaten, i should be huge. im still not out of double “0”’ jeans yet. haha And my Skinnies make me look even smaller.. haha

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I forgot to mention I like to box. I lift a lot but I need more weight to make more muscle. Maybe this can help people with answering if anyone still has suggestions. Thanks for the ones given so far, most are helpful or at least interesting.

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you probably dont lift alot if your having trouble gaining weight. Try whey protein shakes after doing simple workouts like running and pushups.

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Bananas have a tendency to make you gain weight, & they are not completely unhealthy. Make milk shakes with bananas and protein powder. i like the vanilla flavor soy. Eat steak, lift weights.. cardio will make you burn all the calories you just ate. Also, you could try eating 3 big meals a day, instead of a bunch of snacks to slow your metabolism.

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For me, i usually slim down and lose weight for Lacrosse. What position do you play?

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