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Do I have enough time to prepare for the December 11 LSAT?

Asked by sunrunner (117points) November 9th, 2010

I just decided to apply to law school. Do I have enough time to prepare for the December 11, 2010 LSAT? That gives me a hair over a month…

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Sure, if you’re good at standardized tests. You can practice ever other day, that’s fifteen practice tests, and review your errors on the off days.

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Yup. Go get your books now.

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I don’t know what the minimum would be, but my son prepared for months, working through the practice tests and exercises with a great deal of care and studying his errors. I think the answer probably depends on how much time you have to devote to it per day and how productively you can use that time. Some people can sustain intense activity for longer periods than others.

If you’re not good at sustaining intense activity for long periods, you’ll have a tough time in law school and a tougher time on the bar exam. If you’re good at that sort of thing, no reason not to go for it.

I think @CyanoticWasp is just making a wisecrack. I don’t presume to speak for him, but he might be saying that the number of calendar days, even though well computed, isn’t enough information by itself for us to answer the question. Which is much the same thing that I said.

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This is hard to answer since we know nothing about you. Or your education status. Statistically and generically speaking, the December LSAT probably is a bit too early and you should try for a later day so you can do well. No point just having to repeat the test again and again.

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@PnL Yes, you’re probably right. But the February administration is the last one that the law school I want to go to will accept. So I’m probably screwed. Ugh.

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From the research I’ve done, you do have enough time. It is just about quickly understanding the question to determine the answer.

Just look at a few practice tests and see what your opinion is on the types of questions.

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