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Question about LSAT Prep programs: which one did you take and how helpful was it?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) March 19th, 2009

I’m currently trying to decide between Kaplan, Testmasters, and Princeton Review. I’ve taken the LSAT before and gotten a 162, but I really want a top score. Which program caters to students with my aims?

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I took a Testmasters weekend course. It was good.

You ought to prepare to practice a lot outside of class, though. If you take public transportation to work, I’d recommend doing one section on each bus or train ride. You get practice and you also train yourself in non-ideal conditions.

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Go for Testmasters, FOR SURE. Kaplan is a joke, especially for someone who is already capable of a 162.

My friend works for Kaplan so I was able to take the course for free but after a few classes I realized it was more or less a waste of my time, as I already had the fundamentals down. Testmasters is better for fine tuning, which sounds like where you’re at.

Powerscore is actually pretty good as well. They’re an offshoot of Testmasters, similar methods.

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I took the test twice, once after Kaplan and the second time after doing my own studying with books (primarily books focusing on the games). 7 points higher the second time around. The Kaplan instructor was horrible (I will add this was in the 90s). If you know your weak points I would just focus on those heavily and time pretty much everything you do.

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@Qingu and @peedub I’ve heard good things about Testmasters, but it was from a girl who worked for them, so I didn’t know if it was legit, but you guys have corroborated what she said. Thanks!

@peedub One if my nicknames is P.Dub… weird.

@vindice Unfortunately, I do not have the willpower to make myself study. I studied for only about 20 hours total the first time I took the test. I really need someone there forcing me to study. Plus, I think it’s about knowing the way the test works and breaking it down, which can be hard to do if you’re working by yourself. Sounds like you’re much more dedicated than me!

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My daughter took PowerScore, and was pretty happy with it. She did the three day cram weekend.

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