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Which do you prefer: a home gym or a membership at the local gym?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) April 3rd, 2008
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I have a gym in my basement and I love it.

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I prefer a home gym just because I don’t like to go to a place with people who use human growth hormones lol

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I would prefer a home gym because I’m a little self conscious about myself because I’m scrawny. I have no choice though because the gym has so much that I couldnt afford.

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On the rare days I do work out, I follow a timed routine, so I wouldn’t want to have to wait for someone to finish using the equipment I need. So, home.

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Also, gyms are the worlds best place to pick up WAYTOOMANY germs. End of story.

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@ delirium- true, but the opposite sex as well…

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But never the right Kind of the opposite sex. Muscleheads don’t appeal to me. But meeting men who are sitting at a coffee shop reading kafka… Mmmmmmm. Or men in libraries who are just perusing to enjoy themselves. Downright delicious.

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To each their own. I would look for women in coffee shops and libraries. Matter of fact, I had a dream that I meet my “dream” (lol) girl at a book store. I like women who work out in gyms to keep fit as well though.

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fit is one thing, overly muscular is another lol

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I just…. don’t care what a person looks like, in that way. And I find the gym crowd to be pretentious and annoying. Its better to meet people who actually go out and Do things, not pay money to fake it.

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delirium, I feel the same way, I don’t look for girls in gyms, but in classes, or at places with mutual friends.

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If You are lazy,the best solution is local gym,because You can’t drive Yourself to work out at home.

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local gym for some eye candy

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I prefer the gym membership because it winds up giving me a lot more variety of machines and exercises, higher quality equipment, and lower price overall.

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