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What does it mean when you dream about someone every night (a loved one)

Asked by love408 (147points) April 3rd, 2008


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That you love them?

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A dream is just your brain running wildly through things. It could mean you have something deep for or about them, or that they are somehow connected to somethng important to you. Then again, it could mean nothing at all. Dreams are strange sometimes.

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Usually when I have a recurring dream about a loved one, it means that they have been on my mind alot lately. So, if it is a good dream, probably that you love them, if it’s bad, probably that they have hurt you more than it seems.

kevbo's avatar (sp?) has been mentioned here a few times and has an extensive dream “dictionary” where you can look up the meaning of that image.

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it depends if it is a relitive (something might be happening to them) if not you trully love that person you don’t just have a crush on them your fellings for them go deeper. : )

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this is a question for the last answer .. i had a dream that i told my boyfriends nephew that i loved him then the next day i had a dream i had sex with him then for a third day in a row i kissed him does anybody no what this might mean

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