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What should I do in London, UK?

Asked by kyraugh (201points) November 10th, 2010

I’ll be going to London for a weekend. I’ve never been before, but only have 2 nights and one full day there. I can’t stay any longer. So, what should I do? Where should I go? I’ll be staying with friends, so they’ll show me around, but is there anything pressing that I should really experience? Please keep in mind, I’m not into total touristy stuff. I like pubs, I like comedy, I like art… Is there any kind of underground theatre scene or really cool nightlife that anyone knows of?

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If you’re here between december and Febuary then you could Catch shakespear at the Roundhouse in Camden. Camden market is also definately worth a look.

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Visit the Tower of London. I would love to see it. So many people were beheaded there and it has the axe and block from the last beheading on display from what I hear. It actually has the chop marks in it and I would love to see it (wonder if it has any blood stains on it). I also hear it’s haunted.

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I don’t think it is wise to go to London without checking out the British Museum, the be all and end all of great white fatherhood.

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Definitely check out Camden Lock, they have great pubs and lot’s and lot’s of arts and crafts shops, vintage shops, amazing buildings and artwork on display. You’ll also get free food everywhere when you go through! Also have a chinese on the canal on a motorbike! You should MOST definitely check out the TATE art gallery. Ride the tube, it’s an experience in itself. Buckingham palace isn’t worth it if you don’t have enough time, but check out the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Hmmm i’m trying to think what else the capital of my country could offer you! If you have the time and money the west end always has awesome shows on, right now Billy Elliot is runnning. Enjoy London I hope it treats you well!

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Have some Fish ‘n Chips at Gigs in Fitzrovia! 12 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 4RE

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Just take a few hours to walk around the City of London (the most important financial centre in the world for hundreds of years) if you want to see some interesting architecture.

There are also some really, really old, cool pubs around. Be prepared to pay ridiculous prices, but also know that Samuel Smith’s pubs are £2 (!!!) a pint, so if you want a seemingly impossibly cheap drink, look up some locations of them.

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Despite the tendency of out-of-control moderators (who are out of touch with respect to contemporary trends in European travel) who like to delete helpful answers of this sort, The Eurostar train to Paris is among the most popular attractions in London for tourists looking for an exotic day trip. It’s unbelievably fast, and goes from city center to city center, the round trip fare is currently only £69 and takes a mere 2 hours 20 minutes. Even with only 2 days in London, I’d spend one of them hopping over to Paris.
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Well, if you’re in London, why not go to Edinburgh by plane? It’s loads better ~

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@the100thmonkey well if you’re gonna take the plane then you could always fly to New York. There’s no better way to spend a weekend in any city than by spending most of it travelling to another one.

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My favorite museum on the planet is the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

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The martime mueseum is good and Greenwich is good place to spend a day. You can take a boat there from the centre (Westminster or Waterloo) and then go to the dome in the evening.

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I love the Sir John Soane Museum in the City. He was an 18th century architect and his house is smaller than but sort of like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello – a very quirky reflection of a creative mind.

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Do the London Dungeons :)

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The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.

There is no explaining the awesomeness that is the Diplodocus (I think) skeleton when you walk through the main entrance. And the blue whale. And the awesomeness.

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Go down Soho on a night!

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Visit the Science Museum

I’ve always had a good night out in Fabric, although it’s quite mainstream.

The National Gallery is always excellent, as is the The National Portrait Gallery

Go to the Harrods Food Hall

Admire the view from the top of Primrose Hill

Try to avoid the tube when in the city centre, as the best way to experience the city is by walking.

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Here is a link to art that is literally underground:
The Old Vic Theatre has plays and art exhibits that take place in old train tunnels.

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