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Specifications for buildng a chimney?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (673points) November 10th, 2010

I am currently managing a social business construction group in Peru and came across a family who is using an open fire to cook. The problem is that the smoke is going straight into the children’s room and is aggravating (or the cause of) their asthma. I suggested that we build a chimney but have no experience with them. What are the basics to know when constructing a chimney? Is there an optimum height that creates the best suction? What materials should be used. Are straight bricks and cement good enough? What other factors should I take into consideration?

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Oh my. This is a sticky one with so many variables.
Here’s the easy part. Typically code says it should be 2 feet above the peak. but peole try to go 3 feet to draw better and reduce dirt on the roof.
Now the hard part. What are they going to put in there? Will they ever put in an air tight wood burning stove? Will it have a high temp reburner or catalytic converter? Those will require a sleeving inside the chimney. Very expensive but lasts forever.
What about a damper to prevent heat loss when not in use?
Is there a code building code there?
I hate to say this but I recommend you “google it”. There are plenty of good examples.

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Not exactly about the chimney, but I really recommend looking at different rocket stove designs for a way to cook with wood fire without much smoke. They can usually be built out of stone and mud, or pieces of scrap metal.

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