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Can anyone help me with my ear problem?

Asked by tan235 (877points) November 11th, 2010

I know i’ve asked this question before, but received little advice in regards to it so hope you don’t mind me asking again.
I have had blocked and crackling ears for about 6 months now.
6 months ago I got an ear infection from using a nettie pot wrong, it cleared up but ever since then my ears always sound like they are popping, and always feel full and slightly deaf – it’s only when i yawn or swallow, never voluntary.

Does anyone know what this is?!
My doctor told me that i didn’t need to go to an ENT and that it would just clear up if i kept taking sudafed… but um…it’s been 6 months, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to go back to your PCP, have it reexamined, and then probably will need to go to an ENT.

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Go see an ENT.

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Definitely go to the ENT. I hope you haven’t been taking Sudafed for six months…...

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I would definitely see my ENT.
While you wait for the appointment date to arrive:
You could stop the sudafed, take Zertec (follow directions) a day and Musinex ( what ever the directions say) and drink alot of water as they need it to work.

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Welcome to my world of suffering from Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. It didn’t crop up until I was about 28 and travelling via multiple airline flights on a regular basis. There was an almost constant pressure, popping, and when opening my mouth wide like a yawn, the crackling would occur.

I went to multiple doctors over the years, including three EMT specialists, who all told me the same thing: learn to live with it, and when it gets bad, take a decongestent or antihistimine to dry out the fluid build-up.

It wasn’t until I had to go to an out-of-town clinic where a doctor offered a logical reason for it and a potential solution. She said that children who suffered from ear infections develop scar tissue in the eustachian tube that cause it to be abnormally narrow, thus allowing for a build-up of fluid. One solution is to have tubes put in to assist with the drainage, but because the eustachian tube becomes more straight as we grow from child to adult, they pop out fairly easily. Otherwise, it’s back to OTC medicaton to dry out the ear fluid, in addition to having a humidifer running at night to keep the sinuses moisturized, or succumb to waking up to a bloody nose.

It took several years, as well as reducing the flight travel to a minimum, for the ear problem to reside to a tolerable point. I still need to ‘pop’ my ear open at least once a day in order to bring hearing back to a point where it doesn’t seem to be under water, but it no longer hurts.

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I just responded on your original question. I see that the sudafed hasn’t helped so a nasal spray or Medrol steroid course might work better. Does your insurance require you to get referrals from your primary physician? If not, choose an ENT from your insurance company’s provider list, and call to schedule a visit. Be sure to request that they have an Audiologist there to test your hearing and middle ear function. Good luck!

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