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Is it possible to commit suicide by Fluther?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) November 14th, 2010

Like if I pissed a lot of people off by writing outrageous inflamatory questions, like about abortion, guns, and drugs, and then gave out my address.

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Well, if nothing else, it would be one way to find out if we have any homicidal maniacs on fluther.

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That’s not suicide. So…no.

Plus, I don’t really see a lot of dangerous individuals around here.

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Anyone that takes words on a computer screen seriously and over reacts to anonymous people is in need of some psychiatric intervention. lol

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I’m gonna murder you so bad No, I wouldn’t imagine so.

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Suicide in the sense of being banned and thus dead to Fluther.

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I don’t think anyone on Fluther is hateful enough to actually go to an address to hurt someone. Though you may get a pizza or ten sent to your house.
Personally, I’d worry more about the people from Google who’d see my address.

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Don’t do it because we would have to play Fluther clue and see who the murderer is! That game is so hard too.

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Yeah, given how many suicides we’re actually dealing with here, within the queer community, I don’t find your particular question realistic or relevant.

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Yeah, not sure anyone would care enough if your questions were inflamatory to hunt you down from Fluther. We would actually have to get off our computers to do so.

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When did this become a gay thing? Oh I see.

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I’d have to say no. Nobody is gonna hunt you down for pissing people off. I’ll just base that on the fact that the majority of online is a cesspool of hatred and conflict, yet if this has happened before, it must have been quite a unique case. You’re in the wrong place to do it, too. Even if Fluther were fulla maniacs, you’d get banhamm0rdz long before you pushed someone to the edge, if the mods saw that your sole purpose was to start fires.

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You could be so addicted to fluther that you just sit on your rear all day not attending to any of your other bodily needs that you simply just die from dehydration/starvation.

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Only if you get one of those jelly t-shirts and hang yourself with it. Or, I suppose, if you disable the circuit breakers and then stick your finger in one of fluther’s servers at the power supply. Oh, oh, I know. You go out on the ocean and find a fluther of man-o-wars and jump in. That would definitely be suicide by fluther…...

….although probably not the fluther you meant. :-)

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I received death threats once from a user that went by the username F1. He not only threatened me but my family as well.

I’m still waiting for the little bitch to show up.

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It is possible to commit fluther suicide: to behave badly enough for long enough and defy enough warnings so that the denizens of the deep swallow you up and you are history.

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Not unless you consider being bored to death by the self-righteous.

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Yes….tell Lucille she can’t make a 2 foot putt. ;)

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What if I said crazy shit, stuff they call uranium, the kind of topics that evoke the wrath of the Christian right, or the liberal left. Like saying we’re all just people and polotics is just a bi-product of everybody masturbating. Or that I think gays are secretly all eugenisists and they don’t breed in hopes of saving the planet by curbing the population. Or that abortion is cool, and I love black men. What else, talk against twelve step programers and say they all should just stop being so dramatic. Or that love and hate only applies to race, and that I’m a gay republican that wants to smoke crack with midgets and tea bag them while standing up. Or that if you bake a grapefruit in the oven, it magically turns into apple pie. Ok, I ran out of things to say. Now here’s my address…

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@truecomedian in a sense it would both end up being suicide and homicide, suicide as you seem to be actively seeking death (whether deliberate or not) and homicide because it’s not your own hand that pulls the trigger so to speak.

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Answering the question is it possible to commit suicide by Fluther:

Yes. It is possible.

The example you give isn’t really as self-inflicted as most suicide-connoisseurs would prefer though. The likelihood of a fluther related death of any sort is however a terribly terribly extreme, improbability.

That said, you could commit “flutherside” by writing comments, responses, till you die of malnutrition, and float gracefully to the top of the tank.

Or you could play the tragic fluther drinking game, in which you take a shot for every great answer or question, a shot whenever you post, after any award -a double shot and someone mentions pancakes, you have to drink an entire 750ml of the cheapest bourbon you can find. Bottoms up, cheers folks, but don’t let the drinking go to your gills!

A literal fluther would be an easier form of suicide as some jellyfish are quite lethal.

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