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Would you rather...?

Asked by chutterhanban (1015 points ) November 4th, 2008

Would you rather have popcorn pop in your pants every time you fart or have an involuntary orgasm every time you hear the word “pancake?”

Please do explain your answer for the entertainment of myself and the other readers :)

Okay, so I’m a college student—shoot me for laughing at bathroom humor.

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I’ll take an order of pancakes with orgasm topping, please. I am female…does this really require an explanation?

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Orgasm Pancake.

I like orgasms, and I dig pancakes.
Plus, how funny would it be if someone was like,
“Hey, let’s go to IHOP and get some—”

And if you were too tired to put the work in you could just be like ”Pancakes”. Presto.

Don’t yell at me, Augustlan. I know I’m still awake. :’(

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O fer cripes sake, I would take the orgasm every, every time. Who wouldn’t? Could you imagine? Every now and again I’ll give myself a little orgasm on a long drive, but if I could do it by hearing “pancake” it would make things so much easier.

Besides, women do not fart so I would miss out on the whole popcorn thing…

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O’ for crepes sake, why are we still all awake?
‘Nother order of orgasm pancake for me as well.

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@Nimis: Because we have problems!

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Mmm, crepes.

It’s the damn election, isn’t it, keeping us all awake?

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Looking at this from a practical angle (or not, depending on your point of view), if I pick the first option at least I get a free snack for my efforts.

If I choose the second option, I’m going to be Mr. Feelgood every time I hear the word ‘pancakes’ but the clean up after every time pop goes the weasel is going to get old pretty quickly.

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@Augustlan: I’m willing to make that my excuse.

I think the answer might change depending on gender.

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Blue: If I had more sleep, I’d probably agree with you.
Except for the having a snack part. I’m not really down with that.

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@Nimis: Poop-popped corn? No thanks.

GOODNIGHT. No one lure me back frick dang it!

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Haha…just kidding. G’night for the nth time.

asmonet's avatar

YES err, no?

Damn it.

Nimis's avatar

Shoo. Off to bed with you.

asmonet's avatar

Okay. :’(

Nimis's avatar

No tears! Here’s some lurve to snuggle with in bed.

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I already orgasm when I hear the word Pancake. Is that not normal?

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@saranwrapper :: People tell me thAt is Not CommonplAce. you might want to asK a profEssional about that.

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Love the subliminal messaging in your answer there, johnpowell. LOL

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Exactly what blue said.

@saranwrapper – hilarious

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I think I agree… Orgasm pancake, all my explanations have already been stated…

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I could never eat that much popcorn.

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Who wouldn’t choose the orgasm? I’d also like to be able to give women orgasms every time I say pancake. I would still like to try the old fashioned way too, but when we’re both tired it would just be whispering back and forth for a few minutes and then sleep.

But I guess the popcorn thing could be a good colonic…
I’m, of course, assuming that the popcorn is coming out with the fart

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I’m surprised I don’t hear more popcorn! Usually there are a few people who think about how annoying it would be when your friends walk up to you at lunch or at work and whisper “pancakes” in your ear. The potential for embarrassment is unbelievable.

But, I guess it’s worth it to the Flutherites!!!

asmonet's avatar

I don’t know about you dude’s in here, but I can hide an orgasm. And I think that’s all I’m gonna say on that one…

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@johnpowell you are my favorite fluther poet.

of the two, no matter how impressive the fart popcorn’s media campaign is, i know which stock i’d invest in.

saranwrapper's avatar

@johnpowell Thanks, I needed that

PupnTaco's avatar

Pancakes & rubber tighties for me.

augustlan's avatar

@Chutter: Where have you been?

chutterhanban's avatar

oh, here and there… :)

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If I chose the Orgasm with pancakes, I’d have to carry extra underwear with me anywhere I ever went…. and I fart a bit too much sometimes…

hmm, I’d still have to take the orgasm over the popcorn and just avoid public places like ihop, or breakfast places in general, that word gets tossed around a bit much in places like that. Maybe just hit up a Waffle House if I really wanted to eat out for breakfast.

There is no way I could let my friends l figure out what the word pancake does to me. They could pull that out at any given moment while playing a video game, sport, social event at a party… would spell disaster for me. Right before winning a game or something I could see it now “PANCAKE PANCAKE PANCAKE PANCAKE!!!” and then I would lose whatever it is that I was doing.

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@RandomMrdan Personally, being a woman being married to the same guy for 20 years, I think working at IHOP during the breakfast shift would work for me!!! I would never get anything done, but what a way to start the day!!

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Yes! We are having pancakes for breakfast! Life just does not get any better than this!

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It’s days like today I dream about this being a possibility.
(crosses fingers and says “pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!)

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Popcorn sounds a little cool actually. Only problem is that the popcorn would taste like fart…

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I would pop pop-corn when I fart and scream pancakes so then will have an orgasm.

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The orgasms would lose their joy after a lot of them, but popcorn always tastes good!

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@jackm You’re doing it wrong.

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@jackm: The orgasms would lose their joy…

I doubt it.


Dog's avatar

@jackm Lose their joy? never!

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There’s a pancake party this weekend!!

RedPowerLady's avatar

fun to read

MissAusten's avatar

having a pancake craving

RedPowerLady's avatar

@MissAusten pancakes aren’t going to help our award, riddle hunger, hehe.

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Pancakes with chocolate please.

MissAusten's avatar

@RedPowerLady Keep working at it! I got mine back. :)

RedPowerLady's avatar

@MissAusten You pooper!! But the one is already closed so i’m not sure if I can. I am so slow with riddles!! Ick, Ick, Ick!!!

Darwin's avatar

I’m a girl – it would have to be pancakes all the way.

Judi's avatar

Do we need to go to ALL the pancake questions to get our awards back??

Dog's avatar

This is the only pancake question @Judi :)

jackm's avatar

I still vote popcorn

Judi's avatar

Yes, it is the only “pure” pancake question, but others do exist.

avvooooooo's avatar

Definitely pancake orgasms!

Pancakes are already pretty orgasmic… :D

nxknxk's avatar

I would also choose pancake. If I hear pancakes will I have multiple orgasms? And what if someone said cake in a pan, or cake in a frizzer, or something like that, would I still… you know?

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

Pancakes! Oh god pancakes!

tinyfaery's avatar

Popcorn. Otherwise I’d be too easy to control.

jonsblond's avatar

Pancakes fo sho.

damn you Bendrewim! You give us all of these new awards to figure out just when I decide to not spend most of my waking hours on fluther. You’re evil!

Cupcake's avatar

mmm… pancakes

zephyr826's avatar

I think I’d go pancakes, but I’m not sure if I’d tell anyone about this special power. At least not the general public. Of course, I don’t have kids. I could imagine that getting awkward really fast.

Mommy can we have pancakes for – Daddy, something’s wrong with Mommy…

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Someone’s whispering the word ‘pancakes’ in my ear right now. I’m about to let go and I have no shame. At least not for the next 90 seconds anyway.

Jude's avatar

“Uuuuh, uuuuh, Pancaaaaaaaakes!!!”

<<smokes ciggy>>

omfgTALIjustIMDu's avatar

Lol @nxknxk, GA for “If I hear pancakes will I have multiple orgasms?”

Darwin's avatar

But what sound do pancakes make?

zephyr826's avatar

@Darwin hssssssssss, scrape, fwop, hsssss…

augustlan's avatar

Now I want pancakes, damn it.

MacBean's avatar

@augustlan: Real pancakes or…?

Clair's avatar

I call them panclarks every single time now. Darn you Adam Sandler Then I associate Adam Sandler with orgasms…this is not natural..

augustlan's avatar

@MacBean Both, please. :D

avvooooooo's avatar

@Clair LOL! Adam Sandler can be a very sexy man… If you squint real hard and tell him not to talk.

avvooooooo's avatar

@Clair Ok, maybe I take that back. I tried to find a pic of Adam Sandler where he was looking remotely sexy and squinted real hard… Didn’t work. Sorry. ;D

Clair's avatar

@avvooooooo HAHA! Lost cause.

avvooooooo's avatar

@Clair It was worth a shot. Too bad it just can’t work. Some people need a paper bag for their heads. Some people need one for everything. Oh well.

shilolo's avatar

Hmmm. Yummy.

fireside's avatar

My wife makes the best pancakes!

Jude's avatar

Blueberry pancakes are one of da’ best noms! :)


wildpotato's avatar

I’d rather have an involuntary pancake. I’m a very quiet chef.

Clair's avatar

Rather than having an orgasm at every pancake, it’d be nice to have pancakes at every orgasm….the hunger-diminished! OR if you had both…HAHAHAHA, oh my gosh, this is ridiculous.

pjanaway's avatar

Can’t i have both :(

asmonet's avatar

@pjanaway: No! You must choose. There can be only one.

Captain_Fantasy's avatar

I don’t get it.

Yetanotheruser's avatar




jeanmay's avatar

Can I chose pancakes for me and popcorn for my husband? I’d love to put all his ass gas to good use.

TexasDude's avatar

Popcorn flavored pancakes at IHOP for the win!

XoXoMEXoXo's avatar

You really ask that?PANCAKES!because that would just be a waste of popcorn.I mean ewwww.And you cant waste words.

nebule's avatar

ah ha!!! pancakes definitely with chocolate dipped strawberries and real clotted cream :-) x

everephebe's avatar

Tall stack of pancakes and resilient underwear to go please.

Yetanotheruser's avatar

Monday is Pancake Day where I work.

But I’m on vacation! Dang

everephebe's avatar

@Yetanotheruser, perhaps you’ll have to celebrate it by yourself, or just with a friend.

rooeytoo's avatar

I never knew!

Xena's avatar

Definitely pancakes. No contest.

wilma's avatar


WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

If you like pancakes, I’d like to direct you to a new religion: COTOC: Church of the Oryctolagus Cuniculus.

MilkyWay's avatar

I’d go with pancakes ; )

28lorelei's avatar

Probably pancakes :)

Bellatrix's avatar

Orgasm pancakes.

GabrielsLamb's avatar

Pancake… *I’m having difficulty seeing why would anyone choose the popcorn option?

Seek's avatar

For serious, people, there are SEXY PANCAKES!

Yetanotheruser's avatar

@Seek_Kolinahr, at first I missed your comma and thought the sexy pancakes were for serious people!

Yetanotheruser's avatar

@augustlan @Seek_Kolinahr Let’s go out and find some sexy pancakes! Or better yet, why don’t you two come over to my house and we’ll have a threesome with sexy pancakes!

augustlan's avatar

Now we’re cookin’!

Seek's avatar

Just remember to flip when it’s nice and hot!

Yetanotheruser's avatar

best time to flip!

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

[FAKE MOD SAYS] Ahem, this is in the general section, ladies…

augustlan's avatar

[REAL MOD SAYS] Yeah, but this was asked in 2008, before the guidelines changed. So hah! :p

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Dammit. <hangs head in defeat>

Fine. I’ll just poke you again. Hah!

Seek's avatar

[REAL MOD SAYS] Hey, someone better poke me!

Bellatrix's avatar

Poking and orgasm pancakes… we are on a roll!

burntbonez's avatar

A heaping helping of pancakes, please! Oh. Oh. Aaaaaaah!

carob_tree's avatar

I like flapjacks and I cannot lie, you waffle eaters can’t deny that when a round griddle cake smell hits your face you get sprung!

Okay, so when you’ve spent to the point of exhaustion and utter dehydration from copious mentions of pancakes is there a safe word you can utter before you pass out? Something like brussel sprout, or ASPARAGUS!!!

carob_tree's avatar

If pancakes verbalized creates an orgasm, I shudder at what French toast would do.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

<suddenly screams and goes limp as a ragdoll>

Bellatrix's avatar

<Gets out the vapourised chocolate and waves it under @WillWorkForChocolate‘s nose>

Move along folks. Nothing to see here. Just a French Toast episode.

Seek's avatar

Oh my gods… Yes… Yes… YESSS!—toast…

augustlan's avatar

<Lights a cigarette>

AstroChuck's avatar

<offers the lady a light because I’m so suave>

Judi's avatar

Oh my goodness even churches are getting into the act! Check out this pancakes and porn article!

ETpro's avatar

I just gave this a great question to push it up to 69 GQ Points. Nobody else click great question now.

Mama_Cakes's avatar

Only you, ETpo. Only you. ;-)

Tropical_Willie's avatar

It is NSFW Friday, isn’t it?

Yetanotheruser's avatar

If it’s Friday, it’s @ETpro ‘s NSFW day

ETpro's avatar

@Yetanotheruser Indeed it is my NSFW TGIF fling.

rojo's avatar

I would be living at IHOP

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

This is an “either or question”, we don’t like those on Fluther. Had this been in social I could make up my own third option as neither of these are that appealing .

Jonesn4burgers's avatar

pancakes. oh, more pancakes. chocolate chip pancakes. yes. chocolate chip pancakes with Hershey syrup. pancakes pancakes pancakes PANCAKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssss…........................ licking chocolate syrup from fingers.

28lorelei's avatar

Could I have a second helping of the pancakes please? Speaking of pancakes, there’s a diner where I live that has potato pancakes, sweet potato pancakes, blue corn pancakes, buckwheat pancakes, johnny cakes, and the traditional flapjacks…

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