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What has been your biggest surprise on the internet?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) May 17th, 2010

What has been your biggest surprise and or disappointment during your tenure on the internet? That one “Oh”!?! moment either good or bad. That time you really saw what that person really looked like or found out he was a she or she was a he. Did that person you loved to hate end up being a great friend? What one moment or event really stands out for you and why?

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The realization that I could actually interact socially with people; something almost impossible for me face to face in the “real world”.

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The cake was a lie.

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The people I have come to know.They’re the best! :))

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@Arp Lying about a cake is pretty harsh and cruel.

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Free porn, and the ease to work on genealogy. And the free porn.

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Everyday is an event for me on the internet. i truly learn something new from an individual or a news story. i never read the newspaper, simply because 90% of the news is all bad. with the internet, i can be selective in the stories i read and the people i converse with. the internet is informative and its all at my fingertips.

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The first time I saw an Internet death hoax I was surprised. This big elobrate illness followed by a timely death just days before a scheduled real life meeting. I was surprised at myself for falling for it.

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2 girls 1 cup, say no more. Barf!!

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I guess the biggest surprise for me was people I went to high school with finding me on Facebook 25 years later and people I went to Army basic training with 20 or so years later. It was a good experience to be in touch with so many of these friends again.

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@john65pennington I agree with you on the info element of the net but the amount of bad advice and misinformation truly makes it a “buyer beware” world out here!

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Well, it’s not the most elegant answer, but I was just flipping randomly through, looking at unmotivational posters and other nonsense, and suddenly saw a bifurcated penis ejaculate.

That was pretty damned surprising.

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Surprise – Finding lost friends.

Disappointment – Sexual pollution.

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God, I remember that. I wasn’t very close with that person myself, but I was shocked when it all went down.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’ll “bite”; what’s a bifurcated penis?

Raining by you? It is in Dunedin.

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Yeah, off and on since last night. Yucky.

It’s basically, cut in half. And it was all curled up like giftwrap ribbon. Really, really gross.

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Cruiser, you are correct. left out that part. thanks.

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The biggest surprise is how unaffected I am when seeing people murdered on camera. I mean it was surprising to me that I/other people can become desensitized so easily, so that seeing people or animals killed (or penises bifurcated) on camera is no longer a big deal.

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The most surprising thing to me is how much I could get emotionally involved in the lives of people whom I don’t know in real life. A few years ago I would have said the most surprising thing was how quickly you could get information that formerly it would have taken me days to find as a librarian. However, that part is something I take for granted now.

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That the computer-internet is really addictive! And Porn, I freaked out when it popped on my computer screen but now I watch it.

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Gee, porn never just pops up on my screen – I must be doing my searches wrong!

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@absalom Yes that is a surprising part in how detached you can get from shocking information overload on the net but speaking of detached….bifurcated penises is one thing I can’t look at! NO WAY! =O

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Well, I guess I took the gamble, hitting Random Picture

(picture not related)

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@janbb , Yeah I mean it kind of like that there were some spams and stuff on the page I was looking at then it keeps on changing colors or stuff like that and I just couldn’t resist clicking on it

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While we’re on this topic, can anyone give me a brief description of what “two girls, one cup is”? I kinda want to know, but I don’t want to watch it or know too much.

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Fake poo poo appetisers.

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@janbb its about girls eating their own poop

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Thanks. Feh!

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To go with Bacon-Twinkie Stonehenge above, here’s some Bacon Coke. Diet, of course.

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That I would ever come across two girls one cup and bifurcated penis in a single post.

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GQ, @Cruiser – made me think – okay so it’s quite some time ago, I’m newly divorced, living far away from the madding crowds – seeking solice and comfort online – to the tune of addiction to chat – became an MSN chatroom mod infact, something I’m not proud of – as it means endless hours of modding endless drivel in real chat time – and for what exactly?

Met a girl a few thousand miles and an ocean away. Spent so much time with her online I thought we’d get married – it felt at times like we could actually touch and feel each other’s breath on the screen – but alas, once I asked her for a photo – she kept ducking and avoiding it – til I just decided to cut my losses, and heartbroken, I haven’t spoken to her since. Shallow? Maybe – but just a photo… if you can’t give that – who’s to know what the other person looks like. If she was disfigured, and said so, and gave me a photo – well, I dunno, maybe…

I’m slightly drunk and with my condition I think I’ll go lie down a bit befiore I reveal too much and even worse, start making spelling mistakes. GQ cruiser dude.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I didn’t know “her” either but it hadn’t occured to me that someone would spend their time doing something so pointless.

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@Zen_Again your post highlights to the extreme how maddening anonymous avatars can be!

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@Cruiser Rest assured I am Picard and you won’t be disappointed.


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Great: Porn, science daily, amazon, funny pictures, youtube etc.

Bad: 2 girls one cup, viruses from porn, scams.

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@Zen_Again Thanks for sending the pictures proving your point…but one with you wearing more than just black socks would have sufficed! ;)

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Love me – love my mind.

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How cool Answerbag was. For awhile anyway.

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Meeting my husband through a q and a site.

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That a woman would call me a douche.

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In your favor it was deserved.

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@Adirondackwannabe oh I’m sure…I am usually never wrong..all right, enough derailing this thread! sorry @Cruiser!

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Meeting my fiancé here.
Thanks Fluther <3.

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4chan is pretty surprising.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I was this close to breaking out the Taser!! ;)

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@Adirondackwannabe I was called a douche too, small world.

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@Silhouette Again, I said you were ‘being douchy’, not that you were a douche

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir HAHAH, I wasn’t talking about that, you weren’t the first person and I’m sure you won’t be the last who thought I was being douchy. :o)

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I agree with @Silhouette that the person who faked her own death and then the person who faked the death of his wife (both of these happened within 5 months or so) was pretty shocking and disgusting. I wasn’t there for the girl who faked her death, but I was there for the other and it pissed me off.

I’m also surprised at some of the awesome friendships I’ve made through q&a sites that I never thought I would make. When I first joined the q&a world I was very close-minded about making friends and letting my guard down. I was closed-off and impersonal. Over time, I allowed myself to become more open to the idea and from that I’ve created some friendships that I truly value and cherish. I talk to a few of them on the phone regularly, one of which is now my writing partner, and I’ll be seeing three of them in July. :)

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So far this site has. I don’t do much on the internet and I didn’t expect to like this site. I’m glad I gave it a chance.

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My surprise is the amount of people that have really good, notable opinions on everything. My disappointment is the amount of people that try to push things on you like used car salesmen.

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Nothing on the Internet really surprises me much now, amidst all the people who fake their own death or dudes who think they’re the Lion King. I guess what takes me the most by surprise is how much you can be friends with someone that you don’t really know. I’m often guessing that this is due to the fact that while online is a limited communication mediums, it does wonders for expressing oneself and taking the time to do so, and this sorta stuff always unifies people.
As mentioned above, some peeps take advantage of this for God knows why the fuck, but with normal people it’s often worth it. With people like former member Philis, Stranger or Vunessuh, talking to them seems as natural as my real life friends, so it’s awesome.

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I would say that Blue Waffle was probably the most surprising and discusting discovery. Lemonparty was a real popular site to link to. I could probably go on and give a full list of the horrible things I’ve found online but I suppose I should mention something positive.

The first time I went onto MSN messenger I suppose was seriously exciting for me. I never knew all my friends were just talking all the time on IM.

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How it’s actually made life easier. I take care of a lot of business on the internet and of course the ease of communication is a plus. I’ve met nice people online as well.

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can I just say ditto to the whole the cake was a lie thing?

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Navigating text/online speak. When I first started socializing online then I was often confused when people would say things like, “I missed you soooooooooo much” or a man might have said, “why aren’t you here right now?” and I’d get a little confused as to whether or not they being casual or if there was more intimate meaning there. I’d get jealous if the guy I was dating was receiving sparkly gifs from girls all across the country or even out of the country, I just had no clue as to the nature of online “acquaintances”.

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Probably an OMFG WHAT THE!!??!? moment seeing real people totally getting shot in the head on video. I freak out whenever I see weird shit on the internet so…I try my best to stay away from stuff like that and bifurcated(?) penises, I’m not even going to bother looking that one up…ugh

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I am surprised at the amount of crime that goes on with the scams, pedophilia, and identity theft, and no one can do anything about it. That so many people keep falling for scams over and over is just mind numbing.

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4Chan. Holla!

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Lol @ all the 4chan responses, I was going to say 4chan has diminished my surprise level very much.
But on that note, I’m surprised how willing many girls are to demean themselves in 4chan “camwhore” threads, and share their naked pictures with a bunch of horny, degenerate boys at the hint of any positive attention. It’s like they feed off nasty /b/tard boners…the more rabid, perverted, flattering comments they get, the more of a desire they have to show their body.

Oh, and a rival I had on my old site, AiROW, also intimidated me greatly. Much to my surprise, we ended up becoming great friends :D
I was also shocked to find a much older and intimidatingly intelligent friend had feelings for me. Never saw it coming in a million years!

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I can barely understand this thread! 4chan, huh? Who’s base wha..? What happened with fake death girl?? Which cake was a lie?

It surprises me how much time I can spend on the internet reading things I have little or no knowledge or understanding of!

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