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Do curse words crack you up?

Asked by JLeslie (60534points) November 14th, 2010

I was just on a Q and the OP posted an answer with a bunch of curse words that made me laugh. It was a moment of levity that was very welcomed this evening.

How about you? Does swearing usually turn you off? Make you laugh? Shock you?

I guess it depends how they are used. I never like when someone swears at someone. I hate name calling altogether. But, when someone swears because they are surprised, I find it funny. If they do it in anger, not so much, then I don’t like it.

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I don’t fuckin’ know. I cuss so damn much that I hardly notice when others do anyway, though a well placed “fucknugget” or “cuntmaster” will always make me chuckle a bit.

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It’s a turn off for me. I am not a fan of cussing, but I do cuss when I’m shocked or something. I choose not to cuss because it’s not something I think women should do. It’s just trashy.. For both sexes that is. I don’t condemn people for doing it though.

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Yes, some swear word usage is funny to me. I swear all of the time, so I’m pretty well used to it, but if slew of swears comes along that’s just so outrageous… I just can’t help myself.

Also, a combination of usually unpaired cusses will get me laughing.

Notice that I didn’t swear at all in that answer? Fuck yeah restraint!

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Not shock, simply dismay. Why use curse words when there are so many perfectly un-curse words that convey the same impact?

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I’m generally indifferent to them, but sometimes they crack me up if someone gets creative. The words themselves never offend me, because it’s just another way of saying the same thing: Feces, poop, crap, shit. All have the same meaning, so whatever.

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The fact that I find this song funny should answer your question… :P

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it’s funny sometimes when my girlfriend cusses sarcastically, like if we’re going somewhere and theres a slow car in front of us she might say, “get outta the way, mutha fuckin’ bee-yotch!”

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I try to dress up mu cuss words to add sort of a fun flair sometimes. Instead of just saying fuck, I’ll say fuck-me-runnin’ or fuck-a-doodle.
I also knew a girl who would say “Ya prick, ya.” That cracked me up, and I had a chief who called people “rat bastard”. which also maded me laugh.
Cussing in some situations is inappropriate and I flinch, and other times I guess it’s ok.

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Bastard is one of the funniest words ever. I think most of it comes from the change of meaning. You look at 100 years ago and it meant someone without a father (something that was way more serious back then), however now you call someone a bastard and it means more like “asshole” or “fag”. The best part about these words is you can call someone you love or hate these words.

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To me they are just ordinary words really. I use them often but not in a formal situation. But I do find it funny when they are used in inappropriate situations.

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Fuck, shit, cock, ass, cunt, tellurium,vibrator butter, assfungus, dongsweat, shit noodle, smegma on biscotti…
I’m not laughing, I just feel cheap..

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I cuss like a sailor, and I quite enjoy a well-timed curse rant… as long as it’s not directed at me. :p

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@augustlan Oh Yeah? Well you are just a Plutoid!

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@YARNLADY What the fuck? I’m not even a full size planet? Hmph. :/

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People whose every other word is the f-bomb, I find boring. But swear words are colorful and can add a certain je ne sais quoi to a conversation that cannot be found with other words. They can be funny at times, depending on the phrase or how someone has used a word.

My confession is that I find it really funny when a little kid busts out a curse word. Now, I know it’s bad in the grand scheme of things and the best way to deal with it is not to react at all, but sometimes laughter will escape me due to the surprise and shock of it.

I worked at a preschool in the 2½–4-year-old class. We had a brother and sister in different classes at the school and based on behavior at school, their home situation was obviously questionable. Jerome, the 3-year-old, brought all sorts of foul language to school. Words that are surreal coming out of the mouth of a 3-year-old.

One day, it was about 7 am and parents were dropping their kids off. I was standing near the entry when Jerome strolled by on his way to the next room. His arms swinging, in a loping gate, very casually he turned his head toward a mother and daughter who had just come through the door and in a convivial tone said, “Hey, bastard.” Then he just faced forward and kept on walking.

The look on the mother’s face was priceless. I wanted to DIE laughing.

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I think swearing is hilarious! But like you said, when it involves someone being angry, that’s when it’s not all that funny anymore. Sometimes when my friends get mad I laugh at them when they curse. They do the same to me lol. I guess it really depends on the person and the situation.

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Deadwood was the most hilarious comedy series ever!

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@ratboy I loved Deadwood’s ability to mix the high brow sound of the English language of the time period with the most colorful cussing I’ve ever witnessed on TV. I miss that show.

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I remember the time I blurted out, “Jesus fucking christ on two different-sized sticks!”. Everyone in the room froze and looked at me, there was a moment of pure silence, and then a bomb of laughter.

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@DrasticDreamer, I had a similar moment, only my cuss-combo was something to the effect of “Jesus motherfucking Christ in a goddamn chicken basket.”

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard A chicken basket, huh? Perfectly random. Haha! :D

That reminds me of another time where a friend of mine was explaining to a group of us how exactly people go about clubbing seals in Alaska. He was giving us all the details, and I was very quiet and listening intently. When he was done, everyone was talking softly in, “wow, oh my god”, “how screwed up”, etc. Then when everyone was thinking silently for a moment, I just let loose, “What the fuck is wrong with goddamn people?! I’ll get a fuckin’ club and bash their heads in, stupid assholes!” I was so angry, but all everyone did was pause, and then burst out laughing at me. I guess it’s weird to see the super quiet and shy one freak out. :-/

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I enjoy curse words when they’re added to biblical passages, historically revered declarations, anthems, pledges, and tender love songs. :-)

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It really depends how they are used, Some times a curse word will have so much meaning to me that i see it just as any other word, like “very, or extreme, or extra”. e.g. “what a fucking idiot”. In this context i see “fucking” as just a word for defining the level of idiocy.

If when someone talks, they use fuck over and over again, it gets to a point where i just see it like going “ummm” every two seconds. It becomes a speech problem.

They can be very funny to me also, but they need to be original for that. Louis CK once called Hulk Hogan’s daughter “grown up cum”. Something i found very funny indeed.

As i find confusion, panic and a few other things funny, curse words can some times take something that is already funny to me, and make it even funnier. If someone who has just had something really weird happen to them says “what the fuck was that” i’ll find it funnier than just “what was that” or “what the hell was that”.

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@Brian1946 Numbers 15:39 (New International Version) as interpreted by FiddleBastard

39 You will have these fucking tassels to look at and so you will remember all the goddamn commands of the LORD, that you may obey them and not prostitute ho out yourselves by chasing after the lusts dangling dongs of your own shitty hearts and eyes.

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I was born in an age when it was considered in poor taste to swear. It was a tad more acceptable for men but not appreciably. I never heard my mother swear at all and my dad only on rare occasions and then nothing stronger than hell or damn. So when I hear people today who seem to be incapable of completing even one sentence without saying fuck several times, I am I think a little disgusted and a little embarrassed. I really don’t get it??? Is it used for emphasis or to sound tough? As I have often said, I like the word, I use it myself, but I try to save it for special times so that it makes an impression or grabs attention. However, it is so overused these days, it no longer has any impact. Makes me sad.

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@DominicX @Afos22 You might like Plaistow Patricia. Not as full-on sweary, but a great opening… Also from Ian Dury there’s this piece of juvenilia.

And there’s always this classic from Wayne County and The Electric Chairs.

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Is cuss a word? I always thought it was slang like ain’t. I never even heard the word cuss until I moved to Maryland, I guess we were south enough that they used it there. I heard a few y’alls when I lived in MD also.

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I’m not opposed to cussing in the privacy of my home or amongst friends in private. Never in public settings or around children. Cuss words lend levity to some conversations that would otherwise be dull.

And like @kenmc I didn’t fudging cuss not one time in my answer! XD

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I think it is funny when my grandma swears. It is so rare that I can still find humor in it every time and it is usually so random that it positively cracks me up. Just when I least expect it, my sweet grandmother pops out, “Ah, shit!” and I burst out laughing.

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It depends on who is saying it and how it is said. If it is in the middle of a tantrum,then I find it very amusing ;)

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I think I am fairly immune to swearing now and so I don’t feel anything when I hear it. There are times when it can really make me laugh, a poem comes to mind:

I went for a walk with my uncle Jim
When someone threw a tomato at him
Tomatoes don’t hurt, I said with a grin
They fucking well do when they’re still in the tin

This is when I find swearing adds to the humour of the message. I am only really annoyed by it when I hear people swearing after every other word. It seems pointless and as if they are trying to appear macho/edgy/hard whatever.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – Ahahahahahaa… that was great. It certainly makes me take God more seriously when he sounds like a bad-ass motherfucker, you know?

@augustlan – Deadwood! Oh man, that was such a good show. The swearing, at first, was kind of mindblowing. I remember watching the first episode and not believing the amount of foul language. The person I watched that episode with decided the swearing was too much (and both of us have pretty foul mouths) and never watched it again.. I had heard such great things about it that I stuck with it and I’m glad I did. It turned out to be one of the most brilliant shows ever written and not only that, I came to really appreciate the writing. There were such beautiful turns of phrases in there, subtle humor in language play, and I love that kind of stuff. It’s funny that at the end of the series, I was completely immune to the swearing and didn’t even notice it anymore. The cocksuckers.

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@MissAnthrope, me too. I think I’d become a Christian if I knew that God was like Samuel L. Jackson.

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One day I thought I had lost my cell, so I started searching but couldn’t find it anywhere. I always get mad when I lose things like phone, keys etc…. so I screamed “Where the fuck did I fuckin leave my fucking cell??” and then someone told me that my cell had been in my pocket the whole time so I started talking to my phone like “you stupid tiny little motherfucker why did you had to fuckin hide” but I said it all in a really sweet tone so everybody laughed, and then I did too xD Anyway, I usually laugh when someone uses the word “fuck” too many times like I do

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Best swear phrase I’ve ever heard:

A guy my husband used to work with was on the phone with his estranged wife, when he said “You lascivious, dog-fucking whore.” Just like Deadwood!

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I love cursing, and am saddened that society thinks it a bad thing. I’ve seen people who never swear act in such vicious ways towards others that it makes cussing look like nothing. I can’t believe it’s used as a scapegoat in order to muffle that which is a real problem. Makes me sick.
Swearing can be an art, and is often very useful for extreme emotional situations or outbreaks where naught else will suffice when it comes to expression. What, would we rather a school shooting?
And I don’t mean that swearing merely emphasis negative things, or that it prevents atrocities, either.

That said, what I love the most about swearing is the way some uptight fucks react to it. It’s so hilarious, some people act like as if I just got fucked up the ass by Satan just cuz I said shit.

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