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What are some priceless moments that money cannot buy?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) November 15th, 2010

There are moments and there are priceless moments. You know those moments that hit you out of the blue that put a smile on your face and in your heart. That moment that only you may understand. That moment that appears just when you needed a lift.

Priceless moments can be few and far between, so when those moments come into your life do you embrace and acknowledged them even for the short period that it put a smile on your face?

Mine: After finally cleaning up the last of the leaves, putting up lawn furniture, and storing all the lawn equipment…It started to rain and the weather turned cold. – Priceless

Okay, for me it don’t take much;-).

What about you? Care to share any priceless moments?

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I’m afraid i’m going to have to get all gooey & sentimental. The birth of both of my kids was an utterly amazing awe inspiring experience. One which if I live to be a hundred, will take some beating. :¬)

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Every moment of every day that my kids were little. They’re all grown up now and I miss my babies sooooooo much.

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My wedding
High school graduation
My first rock concert
Losing my first tooth

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My first daughter was born and she was blue. The Doctor took her and placed her in an incubator and told us she has passed. While the Doctor was working on my wife my daughter started crying and all the attention went to her. She is now older and has 3 of my grand children. That was a wonderful moment hearing her little cry.

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Just about every waking moment that one is able to be aware.

I am fortunete to be a very aware person that notices the subtle nuances of life and beauty that surround us.

My daughter was teasing me yesterday while walking to my car after a shopping trip when I stopped her in mid-conversation and told her to look at a magnificent maple tree in the parking lot.

I had to take in the golds and greens and browns of the fluttering leaves against the perfectly blue sky.

Many people just go through life on auto-pilot, the old, ’ having eyes that see but remaining blind’ mantra.

My avatar shows my front yard and the bench I sit on daily to meditate in nature while my cats and other critters roam around.

Priceless moments.

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Getting a pm that says “Aw sweetie, you know I’m here for you”.

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There are so many little priceless moments! They are there every day if you just allow yourself to see them! The first time a chickadee took seed from my hand,watching talented musicians or artists work their craft,seeing how a child interacts with an elderly person,watching gracious behaviour-man’s humanity to man.
Knowing that you are loved :)

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@ucme I experienced my great grand being born up close and personal; you’re right, you never forget it:-)
@erichw1504 I remember losing my first tooth also. I thought I was a brave little soldier :D
@Coloma don’t you find it amazing how you can see the same surroundings everyday and still find something new/awesome about it?

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@AmWiser Wouldn’t have missed it for the world :¬)

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Every morning I go out to let my geese out of their barn there is always a new twist on the old.
A different sunrise casting a different light, one of the mules rolling with abandon, the sheep sleeping in a little circle under the trees, the clouds on the horizon looking like the ocean at the edge of the mountains.

Ever changing variations. :-)

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A baby sneezing w/a mouthful of spaghetti !!

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OK, then. Losing 5 teeth in one day. Who wants to be a millionaire?!

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Sounds like a dental emergency unless you’re a 6 year old. lol

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spending the last few moments with your great grandma before she passes away.
sending time with family.
loosing your virginity

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@Brenna_o I too spent the last few moments with my Pops before he passed. That was truly priceless;-)

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The first song of the day (when the music makes me stop thinking that I shouldn’t have woken up anyway)

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The first time I lifted my head to the sky and howled I was facing the woods. I heard the crickets chirping and heard a few branches snapping every few minutes. The dark night sky was speckled with stars and the moon was full and brighter than usual. I closed my eyes and sung a long sad song in the form of a howl. All sad thoughts and feeling seemed to leave my body with the noise and I became unburdened from all bad things in the world. A moment of complete peace overcame me. A few seconds later I could hear the sharp cries of the wolf’s cousins, the coyotes.
I wouldn’t trade that moment for all the money in the world.

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