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What are the best LEGAL ways to get prescription medication in the United States?

Asked by jamms (609points) November 15th, 2010

The medication I am seeking is for In vitro fertilization and not covered by my medical insurance. I do not know the exact medicine they will prescribe my wife. While reading books about this process, the medicine alone will cost more than $5000. Anything I can do to bring down the price without sacrificing my wife’s well being is the type of answer I’m seeking. Thanks.

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Try contacting Several different mail order pharmacies and local pharmacies to get the best price. Some might negotiate with you, especially the smaller local pharmacies. Medco is one of the larger mail order, and I think Walgreens also will deliver to your home? Check the local phone book for the local pharmacies, talk to the owner or the head pharmacist in the local stores to try and get a better price. Also, there are several different drugs available that basically do the same thing, so maybe make your doctor aware you are concerned about cost, or ask him for a couple of different options, so you can shop around. However, I would advise don’t drive yourself crazy, IVF is stressful enough.

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I agree; ask about alternative drugs. Also ask if the pharmaceutical company has a rebate program. And check with your insurer to see if there’s any sort of coinsurance benefit or network discount for the drug that’s available. Even if in vitro isn’t covered, the prescription itself may be covered in some form. Get a drug list for your plan, and take it to the doctor.

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I have used DoctorSolve mail order pharmacy to get drugs that are prohibitively expensive in the US. It’s a good service and you can call to find prices before ordering.

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You can go to Canada or Europe and buy it there. Often times they inflate the price of medications in the US, like book companies do with college books, because the “standard” price here in the states is higher thanks to our jenky insurance system.

Odds are the medication is at least 20–30% cheaper in Canada or Europe. Still out of pocket and pretty pricey, but thats a nice discount.

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You can also go to Mexico. All these are mail order nun pee. You don’t actually have to go to these countries. There are fertility groups online, and the people there know all the good places to get affordable meds.

I believe we used some Mexican stuff (I have two kids now, so it worked), but it might have been something else. A lot of women get more than they need, and often donate it to others in the same position. So get hooked into the network and see what turns up.

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Chances are there is nothing much you can do besides purchasing the drugs abroad and still be certain of the safety of the drugs. I would not take anything not Rxed by your doc. It may be worth your while, if you can afford it, to upgrade your insurance. It may come out cheaper in the end.

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