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What's your favorite music to listen while having sex?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) April 4th, 2008
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Black metal or crazy industrial/techno jams depends on my sobriety really

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Something with a good, heavy beat. It helps keep the rythm.

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I don’t really care….
I prefer silence, i guess.

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enigma….... Its so sexy

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something we both really like to make it even more enjoyable

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The safety dance. It reminds me to have safe sex.

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Songs of the Humpback Whales

yeah, I’m kidding

I’ve never really felt compelled to have music.

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Word of advice though: Never listen to your favorite music during intercourse. You’ll ruin the music if something bad ever happens between the two of you.

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With my Two Hands by Ben Harper. What kind of sex?

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I’ve always enjoyed the humpback whale/rock stylings of Sigur Ros.

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Something with freaky lyrics & a nasty beat like R. Kelly. Something about R. Kelly makes me want to do freaky stuff & that (to me) always makes sex more fun.

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Mazzy star

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Just kidding. (sorry gail)
I prefer no music as well.

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lol, this reminds me of a webcomic I saw. Make sure u don’t leave your library on shuffle, and then the guys computer started playing the power ranger theme while he was with his gf.

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I enjoy incubus, but I have a “romantic shuffle” that I put on the ihome in my room when need be, it has a mix of all sorts of stuff like romantic songs, kinky stuff like ummm that my neck my back song, rap, r&b, little bit of everything but silence is also sexy, your own “sounds” usually do the job for me :)

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john legend

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@hurleygrlblink the videos not available

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@ uberbatman I think I fixed it

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Judas Priest’s Turbo Lover or the Beatles

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@hurleygirlblink yea it works lol funny video.

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I don’t like to have music or any other distractions… I prefer to have ALL my senses tuned-in to the lovemaking experience itself.

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closer by NIN

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Ive read conversations before about this topic and lots of people say closer by nin but ive listened to that song and I honestly don’t get it…it sounds really mechanical & forced.

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There are some good compilations of music for those special moments.

Erotic Lounge Compilations are some of my favourite. Each compilation comes with two cd’s one for those soft and lazy times and the other one for those quick and dirty times!

Don’t look at me like that! That’s how the discs are called!

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lol that is weird….i’ve never even heard of any of those bands/artists

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I actually have heard of Erotic Lounge Compilations

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Trip-hop and ambient.. I have a playlist for such occasions, with lots of Portishead, Massive Attack, a multi-disc album called Mosquito Bar (great ambient compilation), amongst various other songs/artists in those two genres.

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@AlenaD You stole my answer! I was going to list Portishead and Massive Attack. Also anything slow and bluesy like John Mayer (think I Don’t Trust Myself With Loving You or Gravity).

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DUBSTEP is by far the best music to have sex to bar none,for me at least,and anyone else whos tried it,its a type of electronic dance music centered around the bass,its f***** sexy too

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@younguns PANTyRAID + sex=win :P

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uberbatman yessss!!!! PANTyRAID alone is win but combined with sex its ultrawin2000

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