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Is there any way to fix the sound on modern movies?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21670points) November 16th, 2010

Modern movies seem to leave you with two options. One, you can have all the dialogue almost on mute and hear the explosions at a normal level. Two, you can hear the dialogue at normal level but the action scenes are so loud they make your walls shake.

Are there any mods or programs that fix the sound so you can hear the dialogue without having the action scenes demolish your house?

Bonus Question, Why the hell do movie makers make action scenes 10 times louder than the rest of the movie?

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Get 5.1 surround sound. Center front speaker with dialog can be volume controlled separate from front right and left. Also side can be turned down.

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I was at our local movie last week for a showing of an indie film. A Woody Allen film, of all things. I had to turn my hearing aid off in the right ear and stuff a piece of twisted napkin in my left, in order to not have to leave. Even then it was too loud.

And notice how the previews are always even louder than the main attraction.

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I went to a theater showing of a movie and the sound was so loud I was almost to tears before I went to the theater operators and asked them to turn it down. I was the only one there so they had no problems turning it down.

As for home theater, I know what you mean, I tend keep the volume lower and put captions on for the more quiet moments.

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@tigress3681 yea, its quite annoying indeed.

hmmm, i wonder why the hell i put “moderators” as one of the key words, im sure thats not intended

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