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Have you noticed the bassification of media (the deliberate adding of bass noise)?

Asked by Kraigmo (8181points) March 25th, 2017

Have you noticed that low bass sounds are injected into almost all modern songs? And that local bars now feel compelled to buy subwoofers (which bassifies any music they play)? And that movie producers do something called “adding texture” to the audio by adding bass noises (scrapes, thuds, etc)? And that audio devices are now programmed to play audio back with emphasis on bass more than treble? And that movie theaters purposely add bass to films that are already full of bass?
And that phone devices that stream to speakers default to a low-bass (high intensity bass) mode?
And that this is what corporate America thinks you want?
Or have you not noticed any of this?

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Absolutely. I’m not a fan. I wonder if it has to do with so many people listening to very loud music their entire lives and now have hearing loss.

When the students from the local deaf school get together for a dance they have the music super loud and the base is turned up as high as it will go.

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I have noticed it. Along with the lowering of conversation volume.

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It’s what you should expect as the efficiencies improve in generating lower frequency sounds. But there is no getting around the obvious fact of the dominating rise of beat driven music in the popular culture.

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This is not new. I had friends making home subwoofers from three foot tall theater speakers over 30 years ago, and using 12” woofers in their cars. And any description of a dance club from the past 50 years will include some form of the word “throb”.

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Because it’s all about the bass – no treble.

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