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Are there any other TV shows similar to Weeds in style ?

Asked by Odysseus (2751points) November 17th, 2010

I don’t mean similar theme but more the filming style like lots of carefully scripted dialogue with good actors, an adventure a journey non pretentious.

I cant quite put my finger on it but I find weeds, six feet under and October road all had this Je ne sais pas

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I agree with your choices and I’m not sure what that quality is either. I also like Showtime’s Dexter, Nurse Jackie and US of Tara.

The first season of Party Down on Starz might fit that indefinable too.

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United States of Tara, Bored to Death and (my favourite) Breaking Bad have great writing, interesting characters, are far from pretentious, and possess that je ne sais quoi.

They also deserve more viewers.

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Breaking Bad is about a kajillion times better than weeds. Seriously it is by far one of the greatest shows on TV I strongly urge you to check it out.

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Dexter is awesome. Breaking bad is really close to weeds also in content. Bored to death is pretty cool too.

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The Big C, or pretty much any of Showtime’s single-camera dark comedies.

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The Walking Dead – though not really similarly themed, there is a thick plot and the plot thickens from episode to episode, each character seems to have a story. There are only 6 episodes in the first season but the next season will be filled with 13 episodes, all an hour long.

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Thank you all. I have just watched the pilot of Breaking Bad, exactly what I was looking for.
I will try all of the others soon , thanks

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United States of Tara, as the other posters have said, is brilliant. Veronica Mars is great too.

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@Odysseus and it just keeps getting better. seriously at the end of each ep im just like wow how the fuck did they manage to make it even better than the last?

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The Big C is very good also thanks @papayalily

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