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Care to join in saying a fond farewell to award winning actor George Kennedy?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) March 1st, 2016

George Kennedy

From Cool Hand Luke, to Naked Gun and the Airport franchise.

I best remember him as a character actor appearing in dozens of TV shows and films in the 70s and 80. He always seemed like such a steady, good guy.

RIP Mr. Kennedy.

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Wow…I thought he must have already been dead for some time. haha
He was 91 ey? Well..R.I.P.George, you had a good run and were one bad ass dude back in the day.

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Awe that’s sad. May his memory live on

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He was in so many movies it’s hard to remember them all. A consummate actor. Never flashy, but always strong.

Good bye, George.

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The first time I remember seeing him, he was a bad guy in Charade (1963) with an all-star cast: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau and James Coburn. He was a great bad guy when given the role. Good night, George.

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When I think of George Kennedy, the word stalwart comes to my mind. He always seemed such a strong, steady guy.

Like someone you dream of running for President of the United States.

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He reminded me of Ward Bond. Great in a huge variety of characters and genres.

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A rock, @filmfann.
Maybe Lee Marvin.

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George Kennedy died four years ago. Why are you only mentioning him now?

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This question is four years old.

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And he is still dead.

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@filmfann It only just showed up here yesterday, hence my answer yesterday. I wasn’t even here four years ago.

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