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How important is being cool?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 18th, 2010

How important is cool? Even to this day people will do things or avoid doing things that will make them seem not cool. You have to have this watch, drive that car, listen to these bands, etc. then you are cool. If you do this or that then you are not cool, and if you are not cool then more than likely you are something else; like a geek or dork. The secret is many of those dorks and geeks keep the world humming with all the cool stuff. What would you do in the name of being cool and what would you avoid even if it maybe unethical or wrong to do so in order not to appear un-cool?

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Depends on your definition of cool? What’s cool to you may not be cool to me, and what is cool to me may not be cool to some. With that said… I’m fuckin rad!

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People who are truly cool don’t worry about being cool, or do things to appear cool; that would make them a poser.

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This song came to my mind regarding your question.

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It depends on how old you are as to what importance you place on ‘coolness’. One of the joys of getting older is giving less and less of a toss about such trifles.

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If you’re worried about being cool, you will never be cool.

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It’s not.At all. ;)

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Being cool started in the 1960s and is still around today, like The Beach Boys and rock and roll music.

Some things never die.

Be cool, man !!

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Only kids care about being cool.

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It isn’t. The cool kids don’t consider themselves cool; that’s kind of the point.

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@free_fallin Then why did the “cool kids” back in my high school tried so hard not to do anything dorky, hang out with those who were considered nerds because they felt the nerdiness would rub off on them or date guys seen by the student body as geeks? If they considered themselves normal no kid would have been off limits or a threat to their coolness.

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I know I sound like a robot but I will state this again: Being yourself is cool.

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