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Do you ever pee outside?

Asked by Mikewlf337 (6257points) November 19th, 2010

Do you ever pee outside? Now that you mention it, do you you ever poop outside?

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Yep! Nope!

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When camping. Always a treat for a woman when it’s really cold in the morning.

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No! I won’t even use a port-a-john.

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During Mardis Gras, peeing outside is sometimes an unfortunate necessity.

But that’s because of the plentiful libations. I haven’t had the “Number 2” sneak or build up on me in such a manner that I couldn’t find a restroom.

Except, as previously mentioned, when camping – where it is permitted, and the trees are your toilet paper.

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@JilltheTooth How is it a real treat?

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I take a water pill. i will admit that i have hidden behind a dumpster to “take care of business”, when not near the proper facilities. when you take a water pill, ANYTHING GOES.

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Ironically, I just started a CD. It’s Nutbush City Limits

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When hiking, I pee. Poop, no.

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@Adirondackwannabe : I can’t find the tilde for sarcasm on my new computer. I know it’s here somewhere, just haven’t seen it yet.

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Left upper side of the keyboard?

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Done both.

Only pooped once, when I went to Glastonbury Festival (must have been 20yrs ago now).
The toilets provided were absolute filth!! There was crap all over the place.
The woods nearby seemed a much more comfy, private and clean alternative.

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I pee outside somewhat often i’d say. If im outside and I need to pee and assuming im not in a public place Ill pee there. I mean why bother walking allll the way inside or waiting and what not if you dont have to ahhhh the pleasures of being a man :P

As per pooping only when im out camping for an extended period of time.

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When the power goes out, which is more often than you might think, I use the outdoors as a bathroom since I can’t flush my toilet.

I do try to hit a weed or the poison ivy, if possible.

And back in the days when I hiked all over the Adirondacks, we all did. No other choices.

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Of course. There is an oak tree in my backyard (nicknamed “Mighty Pete”) that would probably die of thirst were it not for the regular watering.

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Just yesreday I pissed up a tree, cold weather don’t you know. I may have interrupted that garden party but hey, when you gotta go :¬)

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@gailcalled What kind of toilet do you have? Most residential toilets I know of work on gravity and water pressure rather than electricity.

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@gailcalled I do try to hit a weed or the poison ivy, if possible.

Really? I try to stay away, especially for no. 2. The last thing on earth I want is to get a rash on me bum.

Yeah, there are times when I’ve been way out in the woods and had no choice but to hide behind a tree and use leaves for TP.

Just curious… you know, in NYC, sometimes people go between the cars and piss onto the tracks while the train is moving. Would that count as outdoors?

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I’m a guy so the world is my urinal. As for pooping outside, I jog everyday and occasionally I have to run into the woods to poop (usually in the early morning darkness). No big deal.

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@YoBob: True. I get one flush from each toilet. However, then the tank won’t fill up with water (pump runs on electricity). During the winter I fill a bathtub with water and can pour some down the toilet if I am desperate.

@wundayatta: Also true. I am careful when I water the poison ivy.

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@gailcalled I see…

If I were you I would put a 55 gallon drum (or two) either on my roof, in the attic, or on stilts outside my house with a cut off valve tied into the main line (or at least to the lines feeding the toilets) to use as an emergency water supply. Keep it topped of when the electricity is running and open the valve and let gravity do it’s job when the pump is out.

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@YoBob : A very good idea as long as it comes with a guaranteed built-in handyman for the heavy lifting. Personally, it’s easier to use the woods.

I have enough difficulty running all the essential systems by myself.

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I honestly can’t remember the last time I pee’d outside and I don’t think I have ever pooped outside.

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@Leanne1986 : Aw, girl, you’re way too civilized for this raunchy bunch!

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Uh, no.

Not even when drunk. :)

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while camping yes. it is times like those i wish i had a penis. so much more convenient. i hate squatting down, and then the fear that something might touch you UGH

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I hate it when the chipmunks laugh at my butt.

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Peeing, yes, when camping and hiking. I’ve had to search sometimes for a bush high enough. I made the mistake of taking the ferry to Vancouver island that sells beer on board. Then we were driving across the island to Pacific Rim area, cliff on one side and flatland on the other, so it was between the 2 car doors- thank gawd for 4 door cars!

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@deni A penis also makes it easier to spell your name out in the snow.

JilltheTooth's avatar

I tried that once. My name looked like this: /.//

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@JilltheTooth I think it has something to do with the fact that I haven’t been camping since I was 12 years old!!!

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I have a folding camping toilet, which is essentially a toilet seat with legs and a wire rack to attach the chemical bag. Each bag is a one time only use, and has to be stashed somewhere for carry out, so it is used as rarely as possible.

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@YARNLADY A friend used to have a similar rig that he brought once on a camping trip. Problem was that the seat did not want to stay attached to the frame very well. It was quickly dubbed the “rodeo potty seat”.

Needless to say that was the last camp out that particular piece of equipment was used!

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I work at a wilderness school. Take a guess. :P

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For all you ladies annoyed with the lack of penis and having to squat when outside to pee, there is something for you. Check it out

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@uberbatman I like it, very ingenious. I’m still not gonna do it. I hope.

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always better to be prepared just in case ;)

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@uberbatman that is so true.

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Damn, @uberbatman, wish they’d had those when I raced in small sailboats!

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Did both when I went camping. I don’t like camping, and I don’t like pooping in the woods. It all sucks.

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Done both, the best is when you find a ledge/cliff with a camp at the bottom of it, bombs away!

(I was such a terrible 6 year old)

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That’s pretty nasty, dude.

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@Symbeline like I said, I was a terrible 6 year old.

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No, why? What am I, a Flintsone?

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I pee outside all the time. I poop outside only when camping. If I’m with people, I dig a trench for all to use, then cover up the mess with ashes to break the fly-food-people connection.

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I live outside of town so it’s no big deal to pee outside the house. Nobody’s going to ever know. Really how long does someone have to watch someone going for a piss outside before it makes them really angry? Is it after the first splatter on the ground or do they stand and stare all the way till that final “shiver”? The worst thing you can ever do is pinch it off mid steam if you get walked up on. I don’t see how a guy can physically do that it might be different with the girls. I’d like to know, just for the sake of knowing.

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pee outside? occasionally, poop outside? once, never again, leaves do not make good toilet paper

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@RareDenver Fuzzy leaves, like mullein, do.

Also, still a hell of a lot better than the rock my friend has used. :P

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@RareDenver who said anything about wiping :D

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@incendiary_dan I just had to go with the leaves I had to hand, so to speak, not sure what they were, I had taken a lot of drugs that night too which probably heightened the whole hideousness of the experience

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outside butt wiping tip; use your drawers and sacrifice them to the wilderness when done. We all have many more at home. You will be up a creek if it happens more than once the same day but what are the odds of that happening?

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