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My cat spitefully peed on my pillow. What to do?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) May 12th, 2011

Luckily, and oddly, her piss doesn’t smell as bad as regular cat pee. But it’s still gross and it’s still my effen pillow.

I sprayed it with vinegar and water (which generally works very well for me). But am now not sure what to do. Dry cleaner? Throw it in my building’s washing machine and let it air dry? What are my options??

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Ewww! Get a new pillow.

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New pillow. And for what it’s worth, I really don’t believe cats do things spitefully. They are above that! :)

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New cat.

@SundayKittens – I totally disagree. Cats are spiteful because they think they’re above “that.” ;-)

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You can get a new pillow for as little as $3 at Walmart. New pillow.

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Vet visit and a new pillow. Spite is a human emotion. Something else is going on with your cat.

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Throw it away she will keep peeing on it even if you clean it a thousand times. Once she peed it she will keep peeing it since her scent is now on it.

I was having an issue with mine and whenever she peed anywhere other than the litter I would put her in a crate with a smaller litter box for the night as punishment and it seemed to solve the issue altogether.

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Pssssssssssssssssssst! Get a new pillow…

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Cats do spiteful stuff all the time. That’s how they are. Those who say they dont either have an abnormally non-manipulative cat or they dont own a cat at all.

Get a new pillow and close your bedroom door when you’re not there. Problem solved. Oh, and don’t piss off the cat.

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I agree with tinyfaery. Something is up with the feline (healthwise). Get a new pillow.

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FYI my cat saw the vet and the vet said it was totally healthy she was just being spiteful, so be prepared for that.

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—Umm…I have 5 cats now and have had cats my entire life. Not one of them was ever spiteful. And I would never trust a vet that would anthropomorphize.—

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She’s using her litter just fine now, doing the cage thing for only a month and we have been cage free for a few months now. She started her peeing habit when my daughter got sick and has she got sicker the cat got worse, the cat desires a lot of attention and we had visiting nurses and everytime one came by the time the nurse left I had a puddle right outside of the box on the plastic mat I have to catch the extra litter. It got so bad she totally refused to use the box either pee or poop. I tried a new box changing to every litter imaginable and everything. It was jealousy over my daughter and I had to get her over this issue and crating was the only thing that did it.

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Have you had any ‘strangers’ in your bed recently?

My long gone old Siamese not only pooped on my ex husbands pillow when we were dating, but..actually pissed ON his chest one night in bed.

I shoulda listened to the cat, he was trying to tell me something no doubt! lol

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Get a new pillow, take the cat to the vet (or just clean the litterbox, if that’s it), get it some Feliway, and get some Nature’s Miracle to have on hand for the next time she (he?) pees on something outside the litter box.

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Right, to all of everyones answers, suggestions.
Humor aside, cats are VERY territorial and extremely sensitive to changes in their environment, sooo, if you have had house guests or any unfamiliar people around that might account for the behavior too.

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She’s totally healthy. I’ve watched her use the litter box since this incident and I know my cat. I did have a friend over and the pillow had fallen on the floor. This isn’t a health issue, she was being a bitch.

She knows the friend who was over but hasn’t seen him in a while. She’s a complete lush with friends and may have been pissed off that we weren’t hanging out with her. It may sound ridiculous but it’s true… she can be so bratty. Also, as a side note, I just had a veterinary nurse over and she agree that Sasha was just being a brat.

Anyway, the pillow is going in the trash. Grr.

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Well then, there you have it, give kitty more attention when you have company, maybe get the friend to give her treats too, make a positive association. I think it’s funny…and remember, there is no point in trying to ‘punish’ a cat for that behavior after the fact, might backfire on you. haha

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The one time we left our cat at home alone for a weekend, it peed on our comforter.

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Certainly a new pillow.
Can’t always replace the cat.

Sit down and have a long heart to heart conversation with your cat. Let Sasha know you need to have friends visit too.

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Get a new pillow, as noted
Congratulate the cat for graduating to the great outdoors

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Wash pillow, apologize to cat.

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Of course you need to get a new pillow. Never allow your cat in your bedroom again. You can install an electric indoor “invisible fence” to accomplish this easily and cheaply.

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If she had only tinkled on the cover, you could wash it and spray it with Febreze, but it is likely that the tinkle trickled down and soaked into the cushion part, so there’s not much you can do to salvage it.

Treat yourself to a new pillow and maybe put some orange essential oil on it. Apparently cats are supposed to be repelled by that scent. You might want to spray some Febreze on and around the area where the pillow was sitting when it got hit.

Kitties aren’t spiteful, they just have certain ideas about where is a good place to go and where is not.

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Oh, cats can be spiteful. Friend of mine left the cat at home while he went away for a week he arranged for someone to feed the cat and change the litter box and when he got back, he found that it had done its level best to destroy his computer.

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Animals are not humans. Spite is NOT animalistic behavior. Your pillow wanted peeing on…she did so. Get a new pillow, and close her out of your bedroom. Either your pillow smelled of sex, urine, or saliva and she marked it with her scent to tell the room (and you) that the pillow should smell like her.

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I suggest getting a new pillow and perhaps getting a second opinion on your cat’s health. Has she been eating irregularly or exhibiting strange behavior? Something seems seriously wrong.

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I don’t know if spiteful is the right word for behavior I’ve observed, but how about vindictive?

I’ve lived with cats for more than 50 years, and I’ve seen some behavior. One cat in particular comes to mind. Now and then I would go away for a couple of nights, leaving her and her sister with plenty of water, dry food, and clean litter. When I came home, the sister was glad to see me. But this one would go around and tip over all the wastebaskets and scatter the trash on the floor. After I came home. This was the only time she acted like that. I took it as a clear intent to punish.

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Call it what you will but having grown up with cats (cat lover mom) then I know they do things with intent. Some of them act out if you scold them, you ignore them, they don’t like your partner, visitors or new babies. Get rid of the pillow and do what you will with the cat. To me, nothing smells worse than cat pee and they will pee over and over on something you try to wash the smell from.

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I’d definitely splash out and buy a new pillow, unless you want to be dreaming of cat piss for the next year and a half. It will never be clean of the memory.

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New pillow time and I vote with cats can be spiteful. I love cats but I have seen some very spiteful behaviour. Not directed at me thankfully.

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I vote new pillow and new cat <ducks>

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I had a cat that pissed on my pillow. She even got in the bed one morning and pissed on my husbands feet. She was very attached to my husband, so I don’t know why she peed on him. I called the vet and he asked a lot of questions about if she seemed sick, if she was crying a lot, if her litter box was clean, etc. Everything was fine. There was no apparent reason for her to piss the bed. The vet said once I cat started peeing in places other than their box, it was next to impossible to get them to quit. I couldn’t take it, and she went to live on my husband’s uncle’s farm. I’m sure she’s very happy.

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There are two main reasons that cats urinate in areas other than the litter box ..behavioural (much harder to break) and medical.
One of my cats went through a phase of urinating on the couch and in my dog’s bed. It turned out he had a urinary infection. After the infection was cleared up, he stopped. There were no other signs of illness, other than urinating on the couch and dog bed.

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Your cat is not being spiteful, quite the opposite. She is worried about losing her bond with you. Cats leave their scent, in this case urine as close to your scent as possible, it’s strongest on your pillow in an attempt to re-establish the emotional bond/ connection with you. It could be that she has not spent as much time with you recently, you may have been away or there may be someone new in your house and she is worried and feeling a bit insecure. She just is needing a bit more attention. Our cat who is fully house-trained did the ‘other’ on my duvet! I had been away on holiday, came back for one night and went away for the weekend, she was being well looked after by my daughter but was missing me. Hope that helps!

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