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OMG! Has The Mob overrun the mansion?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37332points) November 19th, 2010

iamthemob has made it to the mansion! Whoopee! Congratulations and a hearty Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!”

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Well that was fast. Congrats.

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Dang I just noticed it and was hoping I could start a 10K question for once…

Congratulations @iamthemob! Even though we don’t always agree, I enjoy reading your contributions! Welcome to the mansion.

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Congrats to the mob! You’re the bom!

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@Seaofclouds : I’m sorry. I noticed it in the Community Feed and checked to see if anyone was asking a question. I’ll be slower next time, but you’ve got to be quicker than the infamous JilltheTooth.

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Chihuahua Powua!!

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What does one serve at a party for a mob other than lots of food?

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What does one serve at a party for a mob?

Hooch? Bathtub gin? Hot lead?

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@hawaii_jake No worries! I noticed it in another question and jumped over to the meta section to see if it was here already. You throw better parties than me anyway. :-)

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Congratulations sir. Its always a pleasure being in threads with you.

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Can I come and visit at the mansion? Well done dear friend!

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Way to go Iamthemob. Need a good mouthpiece, lemmie know. I got connections, ya hnow.

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@dverhey – Thanks…I ran. ;-)

@Seaofclouds – Agreeing is boring. I prefer our relationship interesting.

@filmfann – I always enjoy being congratulated in almost-palindrome form!

@hawaii_jake – I find your speed inspiring. Also, in answer to your question of what to serve at a party for the mob: all of it. You serve all of it.

@jaytkay – you gotta love the chi-chis. How something that little can have so much attitude…

@uberbatman – the pleasure is mine.

@ZEPHYRA – only if you bring cheesecake and Betty White. ;-)

@ETpro – you know I will.

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I got better connections, see. I know Boilermakers from Local 29 outta Boston. For $50 they’ll break your leg. For $25, both legs.

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As per @iamthemob‘s suggestion, we’re now serving all of it! Come and get it!

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That was so fast! Congratulations!

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@CyanoticWasp Hey, Boston’s my town, buddy. You ain’t no Southey.

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I misread your name at first glance way back when and you shall forever be known in my mind as…JAM the mob! lol

Jam it all, a hearty congrats!

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Well deserved, my good mob.

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Huh, I thought it was jam as well! Congratulations! I learn things from you all the time.

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Congratulations. (Wheezy voice) Never go against the family… ;-)

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Congrats! A lots of lurve for you! obviously ;)

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations dear friend. You have provided more inspiration than you’ll ever know. We are lucky to have you here.

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@CyanoticWasp – I recently made the life decision to end all my assertive sentences with the word “see”, spoken with a 1950’s style detective movie intonation. I’m glad to see that you’re on board with that too. Oh, and bring it. ;-)

@absalom – Yeah, I’m not a very patient person.

@Coloma – I jam the mob all the time. We’re jammin’ right now. So maybe you read the inner message of my sn – maybe you’ve seen the real me.

@AstroChuck – Thay -yank yooo-oooo!

@faye – hopefully the things you learn from me end up being even remotely correct. ;-) Thanks so much!

@Trillian – I wouldn’t dare – but mostly because I’d fail at it. I’m like the Fredo of Fluther.

@shpadoinkle_sue – I’ll take lurve. I’ll take all the lurve. did that sound threatening? I try…I don’t really know from threatening…

@YARNLADY – I like to think of it as “good play.” ;-) Thank you.

@Pied_Pfeffer – Darling, I told you I’d be here soon. I don’t lie. ;-) I totally feel the same about you.

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@iamthemob congratulations on a truly well earned 10k. We may butt heads pretty regularly, but I feel comfortable saying that you’re one of my absolute favorite jellies. Even if you called me gross. ;) Welcome to the mansion.

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@TheOnlyNeffie – you know I love you and all your ladyjelly parts. I think I just wrote the title to a new Lady Gaga song…

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Remember when you didn’t think you belonged here, and I said, “Psh, of course you do!”? Told ya’ so. Congratulations!

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@augustlan – I refuse to admit that you are correct and will instead disingenuously claim that I’m still reserving judgment because I’m judgy like that. However, I will totally accept your congratulations. ;-)

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^^ So stubborn. :P

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I was really trying to think of some clever new lyrics something along the lines of my lovely jelly lumps, but it all really did sound gross. I’ve just concluded that I am not clever or creative at 3am.

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Or 3am isn’t yet late enough for you to let go of our inherent self-editing instincts so that you can just let those “gross” things out there and let their brilliance shine. The idea of “lovely jelly lumps” is awesome already…and I may not be able to hear the song again without thinking just that…

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Mission accomplished.

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You’re funny. I think I like you and your posts. Happy congratulations!

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@Vunessuh – I think I can’t help but read “I think I like you” as set to the music of David Cassidy and the Partridge Family. Thank you – my congratulations shall be most happy. ;-)

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I’m late as usual, but congrats and welcome to the Mansion!

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@downtide – I told you I was right behind you. You better have warmed it up for me. ;-)

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Congrats! You are a great addition to the collective.

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Wowser! Congratulations!! (You’re putting me to shame!!!!!!)

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@psychocandy – Thanks! So are ‘dem lips! (god damn)

@harple – When I go, I go hard. Fluther has felt my hammer, and all will tremble! (oh, and also…thank you. ;-))

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I hear a rumble. Is it buffalo? No. It’s much worse! It’s a mob with opinions!

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@worriedguy – So…many…opinions. ;-) Thanks!

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Damn, girl, you sure move fast for a little goofy dog! Congrats! I’ve enjoyed watching you relax and have some fun here!

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Who, I ask, who has made 10K faster. Just goes to show, you are much lurved. Congratulations!!!

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@JilltheTooth – My dog is not goofy. He is an evil genius. I realized this a short time ago…and now I’m quite afraid. So…I thank you for the congratulations…while I still…have…the time.

@AmWiser – Thanks so much. Of course, it could also just mean that I’m “much loud.” ;-)

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Congrats! Welcome to the Ant Hill :¬)

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@ucme – Waiting for my marching orders, then. ;-). Also…thanks!

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Chatted privately about your brilliant participation on Fluther, but here is my public acknowledgement of your accomplishment—Congratulations!

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@Kayak8 – Attacked from lurve on all sides! Thanks. ;-)

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Congrats on the 10 Grand! You crack me up!

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@iamthemob You know if we could get one day a year when we are just absolutely attacked with lurve, I think the entire year could be uplifted. I think we have a mission!

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Congratulations! ;)

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@Cruiser – I crack myself up. It’s a dangerous medical condition.

@lucillelucillelucille – I luv ya, even if you and @Cruiser are no longer twins. :-(

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Congratulations @iamthemob !
I also thought that your name was jamthemob.
I love to read you!

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Congratulations! I too thought it was jam. But either way, cheers to your quick rise in the community!

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@wilma – Perhaps that is a sign that I should change it… nah, i am what iamthemob. ;-) Thanks!

@chyna – As this seems to be a trend, the name is an homage to this song. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

@tedibear – Gracias! In text style galore as well. :-)

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All right! Congratulations!

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@syz – Is that a tiger in your pocket or are you just happy to congratulate me? ;-)

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@iamthemob: Good to see you here! Luckily, we have multiple fluther dogs to keep yours in line or else to join the evil plot…


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@KatawaGrey – I’m inclined to believe that they’ll join against us. I’m afraid. And also…thanks!

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Wow – you snooze you lose around here. I am late to this party and it is one I want to attend.

I think of you as one of my newer (how can I put this tactfully) more verbose and argumentative Jelly buddies. Well-informed, persistent and with an intriguing edge. And your choice of a new profession makes you aces in this reading penguin’s book!

Mazel Tov! Wish there were more in the “mob” like you!

iamthemob's avatar

@ZEPHYRA – I may wet myself…:-)

@janbb – No such thing as late to a party while the party’s still going on. Books rule! And also, thanks. ;-)

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@iamthemob Congratulations on reaching 10k! You are one of the newer jellies whose posts I watch for.

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Hey – congrats to the most nicely argumentative person on Fluther! We don’t always agree, and you like arguing way more than I do, but I get the feeling that you’re a great person at heart and I will say that I rather enjoy it (and I root for you) when you chew stupid/ignorant people a new one. :)

Happy 10k!

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Is that a machine gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to be here?

Well done, well deserved!

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Well done! a meteoric rise to fame. The world is your oyster.

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Oh yes, the world is your oyster and FLUTHER…...your pearl!

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I’m glad you picked up on the Edward G. Robinson vibe. That was the intent.

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Congratulations! You’re my favorite liberal arts major :)

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Congrats! Well deserved.

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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve lost my way to the mansion, I need directions!!!!!!! Quick – the cheese cake will go stale and Betty White will up and go! HELP!

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@marinelife – Thanks! I try to make an impression. Sometimes it’s an unfortunate dent…but sometimes it works out.

@MissAnthrope – I don’t like arguing so much as winning. Arguing is the method by which that happens. Wait…am I arguing right now? Shit…I am… ;-) Thanks!

@Blueroses – Thanks so much. And that…is all…me. That’s right. All me.

@flutherother – Thanks! I’ve always dreamed of being a sea aphrodisiac.

@CyanoticWasp – I pick up on everything. (scared yet? ;-))

@bob_ – Thanks. Now go make me a sandwich. (ahhh…it is fun, isn’t it?)

@breedmitch – Gotta represent the Empire State, yo.

@ZEPHYRA – I am having trouble finding it myself. I think it’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. How zen.

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You’ll never take me alive.

iamthemob's avatar

Who said I ever intended to take you alive!

(I feel like that sentence should have ended with “coppah!”)

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@iamthemob Only because it’s your party, here you go, buddy!

CyanoticWasp's avatar

Well in that case, here I am. Take me!

Maybe I’d better revise my earlier declaration.

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@CyanoticWasp – I think that sounded dirtier than you wanted it to sound.

janbb's avatar

@iamthemob @CyanoticWasp Oh – you dogs you!

CyanoticWasp's avatar

It couldn’t have.

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I’m late but I have presents!

A stunning, meteoric rise to the… well, it’s not really the top, but “a meteoric rise to the middle doesn’t sound very good.

Anyway… wow! Congratulations, my friend. I’m glad you decided to stick around. You’re a breath of fresh air. So… I usually like to bring a present to these things so I have a t-shirt for you, to commemorate you’re hitting the ground running here and never slowing down; and I made a sweater for your little avatar dog too; it’s getting cold out there.

iamthemob t-shirt

dog sweater

Again, it’s been amazing to have you here and I look forward to hope many more good conversations in the future; and to your attitude of grace and good humor toward my many failings. :-)

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@lillycoyote XD that t-shirt is priceless.

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…. Rubs the evil genius’ belly. Oh, and your pup’s too! <grin>

Yappy happy 10k!

augustlan's avatar

@lillycoyote Those are fantastic!

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Congrats!! You know, for a long time I thought your user name was iamthebob. I don’t know why. Then one day I looked at it and was like, “Oh, it says iamthemob.” Anyway, whenever I see your username I know there will be something worth reading. Thanks for all you contribute to Fluther, and welcome to the mansion!! <3

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Hooray! So happy to see such a thoughtful, witty, caring Jelly make it to the mansion. Happy 10K to you, @iamthemob! See you over on the island! I’m sure you’ll get there with a quickness!

iamthemob's avatar

@lillycoyote – I want that stamp to become my signature line. Even in professional communications. That’s how clearly awesome it is. And yes…yes…eat my dust. Lurve to you.

@prolificus – I used to think I was an evil genius…and then I met that little dude who would become my dog. I appreciate the rub. My dog appreciates it, and will use it against you.

@MissAusten – I thank you for the way you are raising your children, as is evident from your posts, in the most responsible and thoughtful way it seems you are. I also thank you for assuring that we’re going to have amazing future world citizens – we need more of them.

@aprilsimnel – That may be one of the first times I’ve been called caring. Have I grown? Say it ain’t so – but in any case…thank you!

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Congratulations : )

iamthemob's avatar

@Blackberry – Thanks! Now stop going off every time I’m at the movies…I don’t need to know about that text until after it’s over. ;-)

OreetCocker's avatar

Congratulations :-) Nice work!!

iamthemob's avatar

@OreetCocker – Many thanks. :-)

Jude's avatar

Way late.

I think that you’re pretty much awesome.

Congrats! :)

iamthemob's avatar

@mama_cakes – Never to late to call me awesome. And you know what, great minds think alike. ;-) Thanks!

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Holy crud that has to be a record. Congratulations, Don. (;

TexasDude's avatar

Good job @iamthemob. Sorry I’m late. I was clubbing all weekend.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

Well crap. Leave for a weekend and a mob comes storming into the mansion. Congrats iamthemob. You’re really good people. :)

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Congratumalationism @iamthemob!!!

iamthemob's avatar

@ducky_dnl – I am indeed proud to declare that I have judged in my official capacity as the unofficial Fluther representative of my personal achievements on Fluther that I have no ability to realistically determine as I have no access to Fluther records that, indeed, I have gotten there the fastest. This crud is on fire. ;-)

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – Since I assume that you were out clubbing in celebration of my achievement. Therefore, it is appropriate that you are late. And thanks!

@Adirondackwannabe – I’m sorry the place was a mess when you returned. But I am hardcore. I’ll clean up the bathroom when I wake up (don’t try to use the toilet…no, seriously…don’t). ;-)

@erichw1504 – “In the beginning, I separated the awesome from the not awesome – and Fluther saw that it was good.” ;-) Thanks!

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Hate that i missed your party Jam… congrats my friend.

iamthemob's avatar

@BoBo1946 – My party never ends – and you should feel nothing but excitement that you arrived when you did…as you were my one…hundredth…post!

Congratulations to you, my friend.

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@BoBo1946 How are you feeling?

iamthemob's avatar

@BoBo1946 – Indeed – I think that my party pales in comparison with, you know…well, I didn’t need doctors at my party. (well, not many)

BoBo1946's avatar

@janbb my hip is doing good, but i’m just real weak. Don’t spend much time here. Will be three weeks tomorrow since the surgery. I can walk without any assistance. That just blow my mind. They do some great things now days. Thank you for asking my friend!

janbb's avatar

@BoBo1946 Glad to hear it and hope you are getting stronger daily.

BoBo1946's avatar

@janbb last three days have been really tough…. getting off pain pills is no fun. Spent. Everything considered…really happy to get that behind me.

janbb's avatar

@BoBo1946 I can imagine.

BoBo1946's avatar

… wake up to a house full of crickets….drive you nuts.

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W00T. Congrats! I was prowling around in Lilly’s account and saw this…sorry I’m late MobGirl!

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