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How would you handle the situation of the man next door exposing himself to his neighbors?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) November 19th, 2010

The man in question is now deceased. For years, we suspected he was exposing himself to the neighborhood children. One sunny, summer day, my daughter was catching a few rays in the backyard. The man next door came out his back porch, wearing a mans housecoat with a tear in the front and exposing himself. I started to arrest him, but my wife said she would handle this situation. She grabbed the video recorder, went to the other side of our house, and video-taped my neighbor in action. The tapes turned out great. Some of the neighborhood women got together and confronted this man. He watched the video tape and begged the women not to tell his wife, children and the people at his church. The final agreement was that he would seek couseling and bring the reports back for the women to inspect. This he did. Soon after, they moved.Question: Could this situation have been handled another way? Was this the correct procedure, considering he was our neighbor and no one wanted him arrested? Whats your opinion?

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Some dude shows his cock to a little girl, I’d call the cops.
I have no imagination, but it seems like a good call of action to me.

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I would think he’s doing it wherever he moved, or worse. Because he was your neighbor, you didn’t want a sex offender, pedophile, disgusting man arrested?

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John, you’re shutting the barn door after the horse got out. My god. His poor wife. I would want to know, so I could get my kids the hell away from his twisted ass. She had a right to know the truth. He could have been molesting his own kids. You aided and abetted a flasher and potential pedophile in his sick business. And think of the poor kids exposed to him (no pun itended) wherever he moved to? Who gives fuck if no one wanted him arrested? Those kids have a right to be safe, and it seems like all the adults failed in their duty to protect them.

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I’d have had him arrested. After video taping him, and after I kicked his ass.

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I’d have handed those tapes to the police. It’s too late now, but it could have prevented him doing the same or worse to other kids after he moved.

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You said “I started to arrest him”. Does that mean you are a police officer. If that is the case than you failed to uphold your sworn duty and allowed a preditor or pedophile or whatever to walk the streets.

Sooo it was handled in the neighborhood no reason to involve the law. Really? Some innocent child somewhere else thanks you for your negligence.

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thekoukoureport, sorry to tell you this, but i was retired when this occured. the man is now deceased and died shortly after this incident. its easy for a person to make a comment like yours, until its your next door neigbor you have known for 30 plus years. it was a well-kept secret for him, at least for a long time. one thing to remember, police officers try not to enforce the law in their own neighborhood, unless its a major personal crime in-progress, or the likelyhood of persoanl injury.

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Soo then it was okay for your friend of thirty years to give your daughter her first image of what a penis looks like. As a father he would be choking on it if it was me. Where do you draw the line… what if he just showed it to your daughter but raped and killed someone else. Are you for real, as someone who was a victim it would sure have been nice if someone took the time to actually arrest a criminal rather than excuse it as a friend of 30 years.

Thats how people continue to become victims because people don’t want to get involved.

By the way I appreciate that you brought this to light. I hope to not judge but I am wording this strongly so the next person would think a little harder about it. Thank you for sharing

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At best, we can only legitimately consider events from our individual perspectives.

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Tell your kids, “You see what this man is doing? This is an example of how not to act.”

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