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Why cats get so annoyed when you touch their tail?

Asked by arturodiaz (553points) November 19th, 2010

My little furry friend gets really cranky if I get even near her tail. Why?

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I think it’s some instinct that you’re a predator grabbing it to attack or something…they hate it, don’t they??

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My cats have no problem with me touching their tails; all 5. Some cats are just peculiar.

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I’ve never had a cat that minded having their tail touched, either. Could be like @SundayKittens said, related to being grabbed by a predator. Perhaps some cats might think of it as at attempt to mate when they aren’t in season, is your cat female?

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Cats are attached to what they consider “their’s” and get uppity if anybody tries to mess with their stuff. That includes turf, food, and body parts.

My cat generally lets me touch her tail, but I can get away with stuff with her that nobody else can; this cat and I are that tight. She trusts me.

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Cats use their tails for balance and generally whip it, whenever they actually need it. So they don’t like it when they can’t do that, as it’s like being unable to move your arms when you run for example. Basically the same story with their paws. They need ‘em, you can’t have ‘em.

Cats are comfortable as long as they have the upper hand in agility.

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Milo lets me briefly caress his tail, body to tip. He also now allows a quick stroke with the brush, if he is sitting on my lap and drowsing. And who could resist this ?

Note the user-friendly position.

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With our cats it seems like they really dislike having their back feet touched. They will always pull them away or quickly get annoyed and walk off. Our vet thought that was funny when she was trimming their claws while there for a check up. Their tails being handled isn’t a big deal to them yet.

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Not all cats dislike their tail being touched. Out of our four cats, only one hates it. It depends on the cat :)

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Mine love their tails stroked when I start from their back. They love it. I would imagine your kitty may have some balance issues and does not want it touched because she is worried.

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