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What kind of people typically interact with a website?

Asked by Vincentt (8074points) April 5th, 2008

I’m trying to define a list of the type of people that usually interact with the average website. The list I currently have contains guest, member, author, editor, administrator.
If you could think of additional visitor profiles, that’d be very much appreciated.

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What kind of website?

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The average website (i.e. I’m developing a content management system, and I want to cover most use cases).
For example, Fluther could already do with these profiles (i.e. it has guests, members and editors). I suppose moderators would be another profile that could be useful, as the Fluther moderators are just that, not editors.

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hackers, researchers?

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Some sites have sponsors, or advertisers. And also spammers.

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Maybe you could define capabilities and configurable user roles… ship your CMS with a set of preconfigured user roles and then leave it to the administrators to define who can do what

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@shared3 – I like the hackers one (if you interpret it as developers), but I don’t think the researchers one is what I’m looking for. The problem is probably in my explanation though, so I’ll give it another shot:

These profiles will be used as labels for users. Based on these labels, I want to decide what a user is allowed to do and what not.

So e.g. a developer is allowed to view debugging information, an author is allowed to write pages, etc.

@scamp – good one!

@felipelavinz – of course the roles will be configurable, I’m just trying to find a good default so modules can at least be sure these profiles are available so they too can set sane defaults.

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VIPs? I’ve seen a lot of websites with like superusers named VIPs.
Spiders? (think google)

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Wow, you’re chock-full of good ideas shared3, thanks!

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