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What's the best news or technology website you've used?

Asked by kullervo (785points) February 10th, 2009

Not content but design, usability, features etc.

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Hands down, The Best.

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I like both. I go to Cnet the most though.

o0's avatar – quick to read, good to read

aprilsimnel's avatar is lovely. Nothing like a soothing blue background. I like Gizmodo, too.

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I like the content of John Gruber’s Daring Fireball… but think the design is ass.

(It’s exactly what he likes though… so good for him. But it’s simply too monotonous and when you’re scanning through to look for some gem you recalled seeing earlier, it can be really hard to find.)

I do like the design and layout of Google Reader. Not a site itself, per sé... but it’s a great utility for consolidating and managing the content of lots of sites together.

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@ robmandu – lurve for ” but think the design is ass.” had a really bad morning and that go me laughing!!

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Hands down it’s Lifehacker for me – I like Wired, for instance, but Lifehacker filter out all the stuff that isn’t either groundbreaking or particularly useful, and covers a lot of nice hackery too.

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@robmandu! you’re using google reader! :D

But I’ll have to agree with the Gawker-groupies in here. You can’t beat the design of those blogs. I think Jezebel is the prettiest. I love the mascot.

Gizmodo’s redesign reminds me too much of Wal-Mart’s.

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CNET is my favourite. They have very extensive and intensive reviews of the newest electronic gadgets, including diagnostic tests and comparisons. Awesome.

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@seekingwolf I also like their videos and blogs.

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Yep, it’s good stuff.
When I am considering a gadget, CNET is the first place to go. The videos are nice because it really gives you a sense of what the device is like (esp. if you can’t hold it in person)

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@seekingwolf Yea thats something that I am concerned about too.

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I like the Huffington Post website and

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