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Are your pets allowed to sleep on your bed, walk on your table or kitchen counters?

Asked by jca (35970points) November 20th, 2010

What are your pets allowed to do in your home?

Can they sleep on or in your bed?
Can they walk on your kitchen or dining room table?
Can they walk on your kitchen countertop?

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No, No, and No. I don’t have pets and when I did they were not allowed to do any of those things. My last dog would not even come into the kitchen, he would stop at the kitchen door and just look in. I did a lot of home baking and could not afford any type of pet hair in any foods I prepared. I also don’t think pets should be allowed to walk on countertops, that’s like wiping a rag on the floor than wiping your countertop with the same rag. Eeewww!. As far as sleeping in the bed, I only know a lot of people that allow it.

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My cats are allowed on my bed but not on the table or the counter tops. The way I see it is that it only affects me if they sleep on my bed, but it affects other people if they are allowed on the tables/counters. I don’t know how they would feel about that. I don’t want them to be on the place where I prepare/eat my food.

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My cats can sleep on my bed. I don’t have any tables. There’s never enough room on a kitchen counter for a cat to get up on.

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Cats are allowed on the bed, but generally choose the floor. One cat is allowed on the kitchen table, mostly because she’s old and likes to be near me. She only gets on there if I’m working at the table, never if anyone is eating. I wipe down the tabletop several times a day, and use a tablecloth when I eat, so I don’t see it as that big of deal. None of the cats are allowed on the kitchen counter.

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Our cars sleep with us and also sleep on the bed when we’re not there. Although they often choose the couch. They are not allowed on the dining room table or the kitchen counters.

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Yes, no and no. My dogs are welcome to sleep on the bed with me but they are not allowed to get up on the table or anything like that.

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My dog slept in my bed. When she was a puppy, I tried to set boundaries and keep her out, but one cold winter night, she hopped in and I let her stay. There was no turning back after that. Now that she has passed away, that old Sting song “Bed’s Too Big Without You” often runs through my head. :’(

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I do try. This contains only paper bags. My bed is fair game, although the only interesting spot seems to be the one that I have chosen.

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The cat that used to own me allowed m on the bed nd was especialy adamant tht she got first dibs on the feather mattress after it had been foofed. In fact, she was hard pressed to wait until I got the clean sheets on over it.
She courteously did not get on counters or the table unless there was a stick of butter lying unguarded. Picture a cartoon black streak looping up from the floor and around the counter and back down and out the door. Pan back to the stick of butter which now has a little kitty sized bite taken out from one edge. That cat could move when she was motivated.

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My cats both sleep on the bed during the day, and one usually sleeps with us at night.
I don’t really care if they’re on the counters (unless I’m cooking or something), but they rarely go up there. They’re not supposed to go on the table while we’re eating, but they try. And they love to get up on my computer table, especially while I’m working (or raiding).

They pretty much have free reign over this place.

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My dog (and cats when I had them) sleep on the bed.

No one is allowed on the table or the counters.

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They are allowed on the bed, but not in it, and not with me. No one is allowed on counters, tables, etc.

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My dog is welcome to sleep on (but not in) my bed in the daytime while I’m not there, and I have a sheepskin throw on it to protect the bedding and keep it clean. But when I or my partner are there she doesn’t share the bed with us.

She is far too large to jump up onto tables or counters, but she does get up onto the lounge windowsill to look out the window.

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My dog isn’t allowed on my bed or on my furniture. She has never tried to get on either though.

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Both dog and cat are allowed beds and couches. I say the cat is not allowed on table or counter tops but I have suspicions!

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When my dog was housetrained well then he was allowed to sleep on top of the bed but not allowed on furniture or counters. Now that he’s older and not consistent with his potty habits then he’s a mostly outdoor dog. I don’t like animals of any sort on top of counters or eating from tables.

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It’s hard to keep my cats off of things, since I am usually chasing around my 1 year old. I just make a point to wipe down any surfaces before putting things down on it or using the surface.

The bed is the same situation, because I have to keep the door propped open at night so that they don’t sit in the hallway and meow and wake up my daughter, so if they come lay in bed, it’s after I go to sleep, and they leave before I wake up.

There’s been a couple of times that I’ve woken up because of a cat laying on my head or “kneading” me, and I just throw them out of bed then go back to sleep.

Under no circumstances are they allowed in my daughter’s room, though.

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My now deceased lovely dog was not supposed to be on the couch. She was big and hairy! So each morning when the alarm went off we’d hear the jingle of her tags as she jumped off! We gave up, she was worth it. I bought those miracle brushes.

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^^Alpha dog took over your life!

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My cats are allowed everywhere but the kitchen counters. They are allowed on tables as long as we are not using them at the moment.

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Hazel has her own sofa. She is not allowed people food. She is not allowed on beds. She is a medium-big dog that sheds a lot.

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I would love to have my cats jump up onto any counter or bed in our house. They can’t jump onto the bed or counters any more since they both developed arthritis which is so sad (one is 17 and other is only 11 years old). They can claw their way up onto the couch but need me to help them down . The veterinarian told me to give them glucosamine chondroitin twice a day which doesn’t seem to help at all. I think that they are suffering in pain.

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@gondwanalon See a new vet. Maybe look into these.

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Beds yes, Tables and counters NO!

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I have two indoor cats who sleep all over the place, especially in my bed and on my pillows. Growing up, the cats were not allowed on the counters or tables, or on our bar in the living room. Now that I live alone, I let the cats go where they please. My apartment is so small that I’m glad Sasha climbs up—I feel like it’s good for her to explore a little. She often climbs from my kitchen chairs/table to the counter, over the sink, onto the garbage, into the built in shelves, up on the fridge and to the top of the cabinets from there. She loves the heat from the oven and will often just hang out on top of the fridge when it’s on.

I can’t deny them of these little pleasures, I just have to do some extra disinfecting :)

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I see I was careless with my prepositions in my previous answer. My dog slept on my bed, not in it. I would lay an old sheet over the covers to cut own on hair in my bed, and shake it out from time to time.

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I don’t really have any tables outside of a small old dining room table which I never use so I don’t really care if the cats jump on there. I keep their food in the kitchen so they have to be allowed in there. I keep the liter box in the basement however. The cats cuddle up with me when I’m sleeping so I don’t care about them being on my bed either. I do chase them from the countertops however.

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The dog can sleep on the bed, no tables or counter tops.

The cat’s food is on a counter that is detached from the rest of the kitchen. I can’t find anywhere else to put it to keep the dog from eating it. Kitty used to be able to sleep on the bed, but she started having accidents during the night. Now she has to stay in the basement (finished) at night.

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The cat is allowed anywhere he wants, when he is let out of his room. The dog is allowed on the bed and furniture, but not on the counters.

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No, No, and No but :-) my house pets are dogs. Cats have, in the past, allowed me to be in my bed with them.

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Absolutely not.

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When I used to have a cat and dog they were able to sleep on my bed. They were not aloud to poop or pee in there though. They were trained to go outside if they have to do their business. They are not aloud to roam free on the table nor the kitchen table.

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Cats can sleep or walk anywhere they want. I used to shoo them off the counters and tables but they get back up there anyway so they win that one. My dogs are huge and they have one big chair with an old sheet on it that is theirs. Sometimes they jump up on the bed to visit but they never stay more than a couple minutes and they slide off. I have caught my 80lb Pyrenees/ Lab hybrid standing on the table so I learned to always push the chairs in. That is a sight.

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