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Electric Shock Stabbing in Leg?

Asked by JohnnyD (3points) November 20th, 2010

I have been having these “Etreamly Sharp Sudden Pains” in the lower part of the back of my thigh, it is just above the back of my knee. It is more towards the right side of the back of my thigh but always in the same area. The pain comes on suddently and is extreamly sharp! Best way I can describe it is that it feels like I’m being suddenly stuck with a long “Electric Charged Pin” deep inside of that area. It comes on quickly and leaves quickly but is almost crippling of that leg. No set pattern I can be standing, sitting, driving a car etc. But when it does happen it is breath taking sudden painful Electric Like and Shocking. Any Ideas.

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Oh forgot to mention it is only on my right leg in the soft tissue behind the knee area lower thigh about 2” upper inside of knee. I have no heath issues, good blood work etc. The occurences when they happen seems to come on more frequently in wave like onsets.

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Have you asked a doctor?

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No. Like many Americans I do not have any health Insurance. and too young for SS

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Do some research on “sciatica.” It is a referred pain down the leg or thigh and is caused by a herniated disc pushing against the sciatic nerve;

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