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How do u become a famous singer?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 5th, 2008
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American idol

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2nd that. Talent shows. Local bars. Send in your tape and story to a big label and stand out from the swarm of others.

iTunes/youtube works too

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live for it

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sure you can do that, or you can work hard to find your own voice and a following that will relate to what you do. hopefully you love to sing and are doing it for the experience and not just for the sake of getting famous. if you really have talent and you really feel the music and you put yourself out then opportunities will arise.

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I’ve been in the music business since I was 16. Are you a man or a woman? It makes a huge difference in advice.

In any case. The music business makes Darwinism look like day care. Be ready for that.

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first start out with vocal lessons and playing small gigs and at bars and then you should think about getting an agent who can help you work your way to the top but it also takes alot of hard work and determination!!

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hard work, useful contacts and first of all – great talent.

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