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How do I increase utorrent upload speed?

Asked by BonusQuestion (1482points) November 20th, 2010

I am sending a file to a friend via utorrent. My friend’s download speed is at around 100–200 kb/s when downloading files with a lot of people seeding, but when I seed a file he gets it at the speed of only 20–30 kb/s. My speed is pretty good, so the problem is not with my speed. I made a private .torrent file as I don’t want somebody else to be able to receive the file. Also my torrent upload limit is set to be unlimited. So, that is not what the problem is.

Any suggestions on how to increase the upload speed?

Thank you!

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Your ISP may only be giving you that much speed. The provided download speed is not the same as the upload speed.

Since you set it at unlimited, this is the most likely reason.

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@squirbel Thanks but I don’t think that’s the problem, as when I test my upload speed here it says it is at 1.1 Mb/s.

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You want to make sure uTorrent is set to evade throttling, that your firewall is set to allow it, that your uTorrent port is open, and that you have assigned static IPs to all devices that connect to the internet through your network. How

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