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How do I make youtube videos?

Asked by ilovefluther (1points) November 21st, 2010

I’m attempting to make youtube videos with my friend. I need to know how to add sound from my cell phone and
how to add pics from google. Also how to add sound like music.

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Well first things first you need some editing software. If you’re on a Mac you should start off with iMovie – it comes on every Mac. If you’re using Windows you can try using Movie Maker.

There are other options out there if you want to get more advanced features, but I’d stick with simple for the first few times at least. You could look into Final Cut Express, Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas if you want to get more advanced editing options.

Adding audio is done different ways in the different programs, but it’s relatively easy to do – if there are tutorials accompanying the program you use (probably listed along with the Help menu) that would be a good place to start. Essentially editing programs have a timeline which displays the video on one “track” and can have a number of other tracks below the video which contain audio. It’s just a matter of bringing the audio into the program and then placing it on the timeline where you want it to begin playing.

If your cellphone doesn’t record audio you will need to obtain a microphone and have some method on synchronising the audio with the video. Some people use a clapperboard, but you can use any combination of a visual signal and audio signal (e.g. a beep and a flash of light at the same time so that when you watch the video you can put the audio of the beep at the point where the light flashes both are lined up).

Images from Google could also be imported from your harddrive into the program – again it depends on the software you use.

Please be aware that you shouldn’t use any music, videos or images that you don’t own the copyright to without permission. This is considered a violation of the YouTube terms and if discovered your videos will be removed. Not to mention it’s a pain in the ass for people who have put effort into making the stuff in the first place. If you want to use other people’s content, you should browse the Creative Commons – it’s a special type of copyright that people use to let people share photos and music that they give express permission for you to use for your own creative purposes (with some limitations).

Once that’s done you need to export/save the video and upload that file to YouTube, it will depend on what software you’re using – in iMovie you can upload directly to YouTube, others will be a bit more complicated.

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