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Just saw a heartbreaking video that really puts life in perspective. Your thoughts on it?

Asked by rockfan (12890points) July 6th, 2015

The audio is a little soft, so you should adjust the volume a tad higher.

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It does demonstrate the different paths people take in their lives but also perhaps the different opportunities that may be available to some but not others. Why did he end up breaking the law? What led to that? Is he a drug user? Did he need the money to pay bills? Is he a habitual thief? For me, it raises more questions than it answers.

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@Earthbound_Misfit He was a burglary suspect

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Yes, I know that. Why did he end up going down that path though? What led him to a life of crime? Did he need money to get drugs, to pay his rent or is he just an asshat who’d rather steal than work? What was his family life like? Did he have a fortunate childhood or not? I don’t mean was he rich by that. Poor families can have fortunate lives because they have parents who are excellent role models and inspire their kids to do as well as they can with their lives. Or did he grow up in a family that was impoverished? Or with parents who didn’t care? As I say, it raises many questions.

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1. You never know how life can alter one’s circumstances and look lead them in the wrong direction.

2. Bad choices caused by some previous mess up.

3. Life being unjust and yet AGAIN not giving chances to bright people who in turn become angry.

I am sorry about the path he chose and I hope he will get back on track again.

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Small incestuous world

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@Earthbound – Those are good questions. Here are some interviews with homeless people who were given a chance to tell their own story – how things went downhill for them. I know that being homeless is not the same as being a criminal – though sometimes they overlap. The point is, the videos gave people a chance to tell their story in their own environment.

There are about 10 in the series – here are a few.

Jason aka Snake – “The number one reason for people becoming homeless, I believe, is some type of addiction, either to money, to drugs, to sex…”

Jason S. – This one speaks for itself. I think his message says it all…

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I cry bullshit to the homeless statement, while addiction is a huge part of a lot of homelessness job loss is also tantamount in this economy. The number of people who lost jobs, homes and have been unable to recoup their losses, find new sustainable work in the years since this recession began back in 2008 are astronomical. I’m one who is living the nightmare of this recession, lost it all, work, home and plowed through my lifes savings over a 3 year period trying to stay afloat and find new work in my 50’s. The new face of homelessness includes a huge segment of the previously solvent and stable with no addictions.

My interjection aside, we still make choices and there are plenty of people, who when faced with extreme adversity still do not turn to crime or addiction. I think some of us are just more resilient by nature and that is the determining factor in how hardships are handled.

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I’m sorry to hear that you were hit so hard by the recession. Not all of the videos are about addiction. Each one is unique – a lot of them talk about job loss.

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A person’s future is tabula rasa.
Choices are what writes it

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