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Go to the doctor or will it heal on its own?

Asked by skgskgskg22 (260points) April 5th, 2008

My mom scratched her cornea and was freaking out and asked me to look it up online but I didn’t really find anything helpful.

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eye patch!

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She needs to go to a doctor. She’ll probably be put on two medications – one for pain (possibly atropine) and an antibiotic. Neither medication will help the corneal ulcer heal faster, but should she develop an infection, she could rupture her cornea. It’s not worth the risk.

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Doctor!!! Stat!!!

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Doctor!!! Stat!!!

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Yeah, take her to a doctor, you shouldn’t delay any medical issues to do with things as important as vision. It’s surprising, but apparently the Internet hasn’t replaced professional medical counsel yet.

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i scratched my cornea a couple of years ago. antibiotic cream was necessary. see the doc.

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Yup, doctor. Your eyes are one if the most important organs and should be taken care of.

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Doctor!!! Stat!!! hahaha

I wouldn’t mess around with the eyes. Hopefully you are at the doctor now or at least on your way to the doctor.

If you are reading this now. GET UP AND GO!!!

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This is not something to take lightly. she needs a doctor. I hope you read this AFTER you get back from taking her in!! If not.. GO NOW!!

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An eye would be a terrible thing to loose for whatever reason.

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A doc w/o question. I am surprised you actually had to ask.

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a few weeks ago my English language arts teacher scrached her cornia with a thumbtack and went to the docter to get some sort of eye drops then part of her eye was red(not blood shot red more of a solid maroon colour)for a while it looked kind of scary so I would recomend going to the docter

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