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What did jared do exactly and eat exactly to loose all that weight?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone

what did he eat at subway,what did he do physically,how fat was he and now.

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he had their low-fat foods, wait, ALL of their foods are low-fat. I think he lost about 200 pounds. (that’s just from the Subway comercials).

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I remember him saying that he ate 2 foot long subs a day for months, and nothing else. It worked for him. I still find him very unattractive, sorry

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I think he only had one 6 inch sub per meal.

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@65stang: that is not true-there are high fat options, and with condiments, cheese, and certain meats, very high fat and carb content…anyone interested go to their (Subway’s) website.

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In under health and nutrition, there an “all about jered” section. Answered there.

Funny, there’s a warning about how the results are not typical, and subway does not encourages the diet, and says to consult a physician before trying to loose weight. Maybe jared is just a freak.

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@monsoon: it’s called a “CYA clause”

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@snd, still funny

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I seem to recall he walked to the store every day to buy his lunch. If true, that with a low fat meal would do it.

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