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What animal sounds do you like to hear?

Asked by ucme (50047points) November 23rd, 2010

Okay they may not have the power of speech or the ability to punctuate XD, but nevertheless animals do have many weird & wonderful vocals. From birds singing to elephants trumpeting, there’s a lot out there. I love the sound a horse makes, a whinny if you will. A lions roar has the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention. There’s a bird, I think it’s the secretary bird, which mimics whatever sound it hears. Spectacularly impressive stuff right there. So, how about you?

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I like whale song.

I really like most animal noises even the cock crowing at daybreak.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

When the cats get really purry.

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I agree with @Simone_De_Beauvoir, I love it when cats purr.

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The howl of wolves, the yips of a coyote pack hunting, or the sound of a loon.

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The sounds of geese flying over. It makes me realize the season is changing.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

Howler monkeys and wildebeests.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

The sound of geese make me sad, but I do like a good howler monkey riff.

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I love the early morning sounds of the birds on a clear summers day. I enjoy the sounds of my cats purr as well. I like to hear all the sounds that animals make and at the zoo I always listen to hear what ever I can that I haven’t heard before. I can’t believe the sounds that the Big Elk or even Moose make it does not fit their size. LOL

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Whales, wolves and owls spring to mind for their vocal sounds. I also love the sound of a horses hooves (if they’ve been shod) on the road.

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I like the night sounds on my mountain, Screech Owls and Great Horned owls in the trees.

I also like the sound of the Coyotes whoopin’ it up, as long as my cats are in and accounted for! lol

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Oh yes, I love it when my neigh-bors are galloping around playing tag on the hill off of my deck!

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A loud kitty purr, mourning doves (h-whoo – whoooooo whooooo whooooo”) and owls (“who who wh-whoooo”).

Mourning dove.

gorgeous creatures

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A purring cat, and the whinny of joy a horse makes when it’s released into the paddock first thing in the morning.

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Loons. I bought a loon clock just so I could here the call at every hour.

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I love when my cat coos at me…it’s kind of a cross between a chirp and a closed-mouth meow…so adorable :)

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My teenage cats claws peeling out on my persian rug. Not! lol

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I love when my cat purrs so hard that she makes little squeaky noises… it’s hard to describe, but it’s almost like a contented little “mmm” to go along with her purr. She purrs really loudly all the time, but the “twirly purr” (as we call it) is the best. She often snuggles on my pillow at night, and that’s my absolute favourite, and hers too.

She even wrote a haiku about it:
Lights out! I will purr
Relentlessly. I am her
Living lullaby.

Also, frogs chirping at night in the summertime.

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I love the chirping bird and the screaming crows.
I love the shriek of a hawk.
I love the sound of crickets in the summer and the frogs and toads.
I love the sound of a bear.
I basically just love any animal noise
but I especially like the wolf howl, and I love to sing along! Arooooooo00000000OOOOOOOOooooo

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I enjoy hearing my cat chottle when stalking a bird. I love my dog’s deep deep growl when the mailman comes to the door.

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I love hearing the neighborhood cats getting it on…

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I love the clicking that dolphins make.

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@mammal You got that right fella.

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Chickadees. I love hearing them calling to one another in the early morning.

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I love to hear the crickets and frogs in the woods at night. I love the purrrr of a kitty cat and the mourning dove’s coo. I like to hear when a cat chirrups at some prey… sounds so strange.

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Oh yes, the spring ‘peepers’, a veritable ROARING from my neighbors pond on spring nights, starting in February!

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Mourning Doves
Horses neighing
Crickets (at night)

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Yes, neighing horse are great, braying donkeys not so much.
My neigh-bors consist of 2 mules, a draft horse and 3 mini-donkeys, OMG..their screeching honks can wake the dead!

When they go off I joke about living next door to the ‘Jackass cruise lines.’

Foghorns is an understatement! lol

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@Coloma: Braying would be asking me to go outside with a broom in hand to swat some equine butt.

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I love snorty pigs and snorty pug dogs.

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A lion’s roar. It’s sexy

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Red Tail Hawk

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Fledgling Barn Owls screeching in my back garden. When I first heard them I papped my pants and ran straight back in the house thinking it was a banshee, but as I’ve since learnt what it was I’ve been out in early summer listening for them.

Check it out!

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Any as long as it’s obviously suffering! LOL

I’m just kidding. I like the sound that guinea pigs make.

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Oh, and I like the sound of the cat flap when it is actually one of the cats and not a raccoon in my kitchen. lol

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My link above was supposed to be this.

My favorite animal.

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I love the ‘murple’ sound my new kitten makes and she has a great purr. I love the sound my dog makes when I massage him- it’s the equivalent of ‘mmmmmm’. I love camping near farms so there that lovely moo sound of contented cows sometimes, or coyotes howling at night. I went to Sea World and loved the fun barks of the seals. I love an elephant’s trumpet and of course the whale song.

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In the summer, I love to sit in our woods and just listen. I love the birds. I can actually think and figure out what I think of something. I’m so glad we have woods.

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I like the caw of the raven cuz I’m such a gawth.

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The chirping of birds in the morning
The howel of a wolf or coyote
A cat purring(but it can get annying somtimes)
The shriek of a hawk or eagle

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