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Describe the voice of these animals, if you know them ?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) June 22nd, 2011

We were talking about animal voices and I realized that although I’ve seen a lot of animals in their natural habitat, I am ignorant about their voices. I can recognize the voice of an elephant, a lion, a hyena. What is the sound of the voice of a hippopotamus? an ostrich? a giraffe? a rhinoceros? a zebra?

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Giraffes have no sound. I did check @bkcunningham link but I knew it all along. They are a little evolutionary mistake and so are quiet about it. Calling no attention to that neck.

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@faye Giraffes actually do make sound. Granted, they are usually quiet animals. Young giraffes (calves) make mewing and bleating noises. Adult giraffes can actually make really loud grunts and roars when feeling threatened. Mating males (bulls) will often cough loudly. All giraffes make low sort of fluttering noises often (kind of flutelike). They can hiss, snort, roar, cough, moan and even snore. The belief that giraffes don’t make sound is a myth.

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I believe zebras bray like donkeys?

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Everyone knows that giraffes make a really weird sound (at about 2:40 you’ll hear the sound).

I do know that zebras sound just like horses. Cool link, @bkcunningham.

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Aww, I like the myth though flutelike sounds wonderful. I certainly figured the babies made baby noises.

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