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Are there any universities that specializes in vet tech?

Asked by Utta_J (252points) November 23rd, 2010

I go to a community college and im on a two year transfer program and ever since I started college i’ve been looking for schools that specializes in vet techs, that are not community colleges. It seems like every time I google it a community college comes up and never a university I just wanna know is there any universities that I can go to that specializes in vet techs?

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I found a list of vet tech schools here. I think Cornell is one of the best. This is an even more comprehensive listing of vet tech colleges around the nation.

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Here is a list of vet tech programs at colleges.

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I think most programs are at community colleges because a vet tech degree typically takes only 2 years to finish.

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I looked at the first link, and it doesn’t look like any of the universities actually offer vet tech programs. The link to Cornell, for example, goes to the Cornell vet school- no sign it has a vet tech program.

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Nevermind. I missed the “tech” part of “vet tech.”

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@crisw The degrees are not all called Vet Tach. These are the vet tech degrees offered there, according to that link.

PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences
PhD in Infection and Pathobiology
Advanced or General Farrier Courses

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A vet tech is an assistant to a veterinarian; roughly equivalent to a licensed vocational nurse in the human medicine world. Anyone with a PhD is probably not a vet tech. Here’s an explanation of some of the possibilities in the vet tech field.

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U C Davis is well known for their School of Veterinary Medicine.

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They do not, however, have a vet tech school.

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Wait, are you talking about Vet Technician or Vet Technology?

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Many programs that turn out veterinary technicians call their programs “Veterinary Technology” or the like. For example, the program at Mesa College in San Diego is called Animal Health Technology.

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