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Crochet - any tips on starting out with thread for the first time?

Asked by poofandmook (17320points) November 23rd, 2010

I’m pretty quick with the crochet hook. I have a knack. But I could never get the nerve to try the tiny needles and thread for the delicate, lacy stuff.

But my grandmother passed away last March, and she left an unfinished doily tablecloth. I really want to finish it (assuming the pattern is there somewhere), so I’m starting to try my hand with thread. I’m having issues with good tension and keeping a good grip on the thread (I hold my yarn kind of funny to begin with)

Do the crocheters here have any tips on making the transition?

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I have crocheted with fine yarns or strings and found it was just usage and time until the fineness felt normal. I would do some practice seperate from the doily. What a lovely remembrance you’ll have.

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Can I just say that it is amazing that you are looking to finish that? That will be such a special piece!

Like you, I have avoided the delicate stuff, so I am unfortunately unable to help you from personal experience. However, I did find this page, which was written to help people make the transition from yarn to thread. The little bit I read looks really beneficial. She even recommends practicing on snowflakes, so you have perfect timing to use your practice pieces as Christmas decorations (or presents once you get good at it)!

Good luck learning to do this! I really do think it’s precious that you’re wanting to finish your grandmother’s piece. Let us know how it goes. Maybe you could even post a picture once you finish it.

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@bobbinhood: I just hope and pray the pattern is in the box. Otherwise, I’m just putting hers together. I’d like to finish it.

I am starting on snowflakes actually. I’m doing pretty well with one, but it’s definitely slow going. I can’t wait to get home and block it!

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Those are beautiful! I’ve only ever seen thread projects done with white thread; I hadn’t even thought about incorporating colors. When will you get to find out if you have the pattern?

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@poofandmook beautiful! I’m surely impressed.

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I have done some work with fine thread. I usually wrap the cotton around my little finger, and only practice will help you obtain the correct tension.
BTW I am left handed and taught myself to crochet by placing a mirror in front of me and looking at the mirror while crocheting.
I think the idea of finishing your grandmothers piece is such a lovely idea. Good luck

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@faye: My flake is in the laundry room at the moment… I think it came out okay. I’ll post a picture when I can.

@bobbinhood: My dad just grabbed all my grandmother’s crochet stuff from the house… he doesn’t know what’s in the box(es). I won’t find out until I get my hands on them, and who knows when that will be since he moved a few hours away.

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@poofandmook Got it. Hopefully it will be soon. The suspense would drive me crazy if I were you.

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@bobbinhood: The only reason why it’s not is because I have a lot on my plate finishing my Christmas projects… lol

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