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How do I stop my finger from cramping up?

Asked by abysmalbeauty (2739points) October 2nd, 2011

Hey Jellies, I am trying to crochet a hat but my finger is spasming and getting stuck in the pointing position. I don’t want to continue because Im afraid it might get stuck like that for a long time. Any tips to help me stop it from spasming so I can finish my hat?

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I switch up my stitches… I never follow patterns though so it leaves you free to do whatever you like.

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I have the same problem when I haven’t crocheted for a while. It gets better, like any stretching and exercise that’s unfamiliar at first. There are a couple of different positions you can use to hold the hook and I find it helps me to switch those when the cramping starts. One puts more of the hook pressure against your thumb and another (the one that feels more natural to me) sets the tension against the first joint of the middle finger.
if you think crochet cramps your hand, try the fussy little stitches of shuttle tatting :)

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That sounds pretty serious. You should take a break and exercise that finger. Let it extend and contract to its full degree.

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It depends on the reason for the cramping. You need to visit a doctor to rule out any medical reason, such as vitamin/mineral deficiency or onset of arthritis. My mother-in-law, an avid crocheter, had to use a hot wax treatment for several years to allow her to use her hands, until finally even that didn’t help.

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I knit quite a bit….well school gets in the way now but every now and again I knit and that happens to me too. I think it is just such a rote activity no matter who you are, your fingers will cramp up. I’ve asked many people who knit and employees at knitting stores and its just part of the activity. I’m sure it’s the same with doing crochet. As for spasms, depending on the severity of them I would consult a doctor.

I think that if you crochet a little take a break and stretch your fingers, however, you should be fine.

I hope the hat turns out well!

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Thanks y’all! I took a little break and switched stitches a couple of times and my finger stopped getting stuck, its still hurts but that’s the name of the game.

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art is pain…..or the other way around…..glad you are getting better!

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