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Can you suggest any music that a BIG Imogen Heap fan would like?

Asked by monsoon (2528points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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Just a few chanteuses more or less along the Imogen Heap/Frou Frou style:

Goldfrapp (Allison Goldfrapp)
Feist (Leslie Feist)
Sia (more pop/soul-but I really dig her music!)
Cat Power
Regina Spektor
Rachel Yamagata
Rilo Kiley (a band, with Jenny Lewis as frontwoman)
Nellie McKay (a bit on the cabaret side, somewhat like Feist)

And if you want to go old school:
Cocteau Twins
Mazzy Star
Tori Amos

You may already know those though. Tip of the iceberg but a short list “off the top.”

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kate nash, feist, yael naim, and everything pretty much that the above poster said

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Nice ones caly, almost forgot to add: Lily Allen; I dig her too!

You can look up’s playlists and guests (an L.A.-based indie radio station), there’s tons of music in that vein, and Nic Harcourt is awesome (the station’s program director). Hope that wasn’t too spammy of a recommendation, just a good source for music in that genre IMO.

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I would check out and when you want to find similar bands.

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I think you guys have named all my favorite artists, so I’m guessing the ones I haven’t heard of are awesome too. Thanks a bunch. :)

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Not quite similar, love Glass Candy, Luomo and Nicola Hitchcock.

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