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How do you deal with unwanted spam?

Asked by nmguy (528points) November 24th, 2010

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of spam and would like to know how do deal with eliminating it in advance of its arrival.

Any suggestions out there?

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What email do you have? And we are talking about email, right? If someone is mailing you the “meat product” on a regular basis, that’s really a totally different issue.

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I use Gmail, which keeps spam in a separate folder. It still arrives, but gets automatically filed so I never have to look at it. One or two messages every few months will slip through, but I can deal with that.
I’ve also only had one “not-spam” message end up in there by accident, over the 4 years or so that I’ve been using Gmail.

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delete, unsubscribe, label it as spam, repeat cycle

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Personally, I spam them back by forwarding them all the nigerian princesses with dead rich fathers. Or, ill just mess with their heads, they spam me and I respond

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I have more than one email account. One personal, one business/family and one solely for commercial purposes. The commercial one is what I use whenever I’m “required” to provide an email address to a business or website and it fills with spam on a regular basis. The personal accounts stay clean.

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when u see spam all you have to report the spammer to the provider, preferably by phone so you can give them a piece of your mind! :P

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