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My earphones are broken or something isn't working?

Asked by cartmankid (50points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone

You know how iPhone has a pause/play button on the earphones well it isn’t working are they broken or is the iphone on some setting that won’t let the earphones pause.

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To rule out issues other than mechanical failure:

-unplug and re-plug headset;

-reset the iPhone by holding down the Home button and the On/Off switch for 5–7 seconds (until the screen returns to the white Apple logo) then release; and

-if the above doesn’t work then go settings: General: Reset: Reset All Settings (Note: this resets all settings under the settings for the phone and safari but doesn’t erase any media or email or accounts).

and the “DEFCON 1” option: connect to iTunes and do a restore (perform a sync first). This does erase everything on the iPhone and you’ll have to re-sync after the Restore! Beware if you have a jailbroken iPhone the restore procedures may be different-perform AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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