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Do you have a dirtbike?

Asked by littlekori (676points) November 24th, 2010

Do any of you out there have a dirtbike? If so, what kind?
How long have you been riding? Do you race?

Just curious, because I am a female racer and soon will be starting freestyle motocross.

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No, but good for you for breaking barriers :)

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I don’t, but I do have a friend named Burt Dike :¬)

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No,but my neighbor used to race in competitions.She did quite well for awhile.

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No, nor did I when I was young. I must say it looks like an incredible amount of fun.

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I had one for years, never raced officially, just rode with mates over hill and dale. Loved it and good on you for going for it!

I am 65 now and have downsized to a Yamaha BeeWee scooter. It is like an off road scooter with oversized tires and a better clearance than most scooters. I love it and have ridden it through some pretty rough country. Now I live in a city and it has just enough guts to keep me out of trouble and keep up with traffic. I love it!

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Had one back in my 20’s but had to sell it because I crashed One too many times.

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