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Are ghosts real?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 5th, 2008
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I think they are not, but the mind can play tricks on people and make them think otherwise.

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yes they are real

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I believe so, too.

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As randy said its just your mind playing tricks with you. No such thing.

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well then, of it were “just your mind playing tricks,” there are two points to consider: your mind is trying to tell you something, and, “what is real, but what you perceive?” if I see ghost, then, whether they are dust and wind, or the walking dead. All I know is they are real to me, thus, Real.

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I know they’re real!!!

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Well acording to some studies most people dont belive in ghosts but if you think you have a paranormal infestation a simple test is to go to the infested area with a compass and I should go crazy. You should also invest in an EMF or electromagnet feild detector.

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Please stop trying to kill science. It won’t work.

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Seriously, I used think ghosts weren’t real. Let’s just say I’ve had several experiences, along with several coworkers for the reality check, that caused me to have to completely change what I thought about the existence of ghosts.

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