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Why is the newborn questions list showing the lates Q's to be from 4 months ago?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1263points) April 6th, 2007
Did I press a wrong button or something? I'm at the top of the list, can't be scrolled any higher.
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Yes, this is a quirky feature of that newborn questions area... it will try to show you questions that are "new to you"... So after you've paged through questions and refreshed, you won't see them in the newborn qustions anymore (and thus you can see older questions instead). It's lame, we know. But you'll be happy to know we're working on a massive redesign where everything will be much better and this won't be an issue. Please bear with us until then (and just use the browse link at the top).
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We're working hard on the new design, and we're trying to complete it as soon as we can... and we really think everyone will love it :)
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Also, feel free to ask "feedbacky" questions like this to us directly through
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Cool, thanks Ben! Lokking forward to the new design

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