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Can a human being be cloned? What about his mind/thoughts?

Asked by interalex (130points) November 25th, 2010

Can animals (bodies) be reproduced by a sort of computer (pantograph ?), the reproduction functioning by nuclear energy or similar? (my question in 1987)
Can thought/mind be monitored, erased, transferred to other brains? (my question in 1987) (I called such transfer “Metaphora”).
Can man be immortal in this way? (think of consequences)
Now, can man be at least reproduced by cloning?

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say what?

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Human cloning—if it’s ever done—will take cells from an adult and produce embryos to be grown in a woman’s womb & born the usual way.

Beyond that is pure fantasy. Nobody knows how to “transfer a mind to another brain.” You might have to wait several centuries to find out if it’s even possible, much less how.

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